Exploring the "Upfund Me" Tribe After a Period of Absence!

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The White Light Express has been absent from the Steem environment for a while, although we have not been absent from doing our service work in the world! We've already been active for over 17 years.

With a busy travel schedule and other commitments, our time for social media became less and less... and eventually had to be put on the back burner.

After almost two months away, it seems like a lot of things have been happening, here!

Always stand in the light!

As A Non-Profit Organization, We Are Always Looking for Fundraising Tools!

In a sense, it is exciting to see all these new "Tribes" here! Looks like Steem-Engine has pretty much gone in and taken action, and created "Communities" where Steemit proper promised them to us a couple of years back... but nothing more seems to have happened, other than more promises.

I spent a couple of days exploring these various new communities, and earlier today I came across something that to gave me a little hope, for our particular situation.

The White Light Express had originally had hopes of using Steemit as a fundraising tool towards our ambition of *"formally" organizing into a "legal" charitable organization (We've actually been doing good works "informally" for seventeen YEARS, already!), within the next couple of years.

We got off to a decent enough start on Steemit, and at one point the value of our SteemPower actually rose to above US $500.00 and we were feeling quite encouraged!

But it has been pretty much "all downhill" since then... when I checked our Steem wallet this morning, the value had fallen to $47.61. Very sad and disappointing.

Quiet Reflection

The UpfundMe Tribe: A New Hope?

As mentioned earlier, I spent some time exploring these new "tribes" earlier today, and then came across one that sounded like it might be a perfect match for us: @upfundme!

The idea of social crowdfunding through following and upvotes was precisely what drew us to Steemit in the first place, and now it seems someone has created a separate sidechain and tribe to carry on that vision!

In fact, I was hopeful enough about this that I spent whatever liquid Steem we had to buy some "UFM" tokens, and power them up in our wallet! Not much (just 150 tokens... but you have to start SOMEwhere!), but I wanted to put our tangible support behind the project.

As I am not really a techie or blockchain expert, I am still not 100% sure how this will work... but this is our first post, made under the new "UpfundMe" heading.

Hopefully it will all work out well.

In the meantime, a big THANK YOU to the people who masterminded this tribe, and created a new interface for crowdfunding and fundraising! May this do extremely well for you, and for ALL of us!

Bright Blessings to all!
Rev. Sarah

You are NOT Alone!
(Graphic is our own)

The White Light Express Mission Statement:

Since October 2001, the mission of the White Light Express has been to offer healing and transformation through focused positive intention, meditation and prayer. Right Thought is the first step toward Right Action and consciousness. We believe that "holding the vibration" is a profound task and our divine destiny.

We appreciate you following us and upvoting if you feel moved to do so; we also really appreciate comments and feedback! If you enjoyed this post and think others might enjoy reading it, please give it a re-steem! We love you already, because across all the myriad beliefs we hold, Love IS the answer!

In addition to our blog here on Steemit, you can also find us on the White Light Express web site, on our verified Facebook page and on our twitter feed.

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Welcome to the tribe, I have given you a sizable upvote to help you on your way. Powering up or staking them will probably give the best returns at this point as you are in the tribe early:)

Thanks for the upvote @madstacks, I really appreciate it! I'm excited about the potential of this tribe, particularly because it presents a fundraising opportunity for a small organization like ours... and pretty much every penny helps.

I bought and staked 150 UFM with what little liquid Steem we had... it is not much, but I wanted to show support for the project, even if just in a small way!

Bright Blessings!