UpFundMe Update: Stake Based Voting and Daily PoS Payouts!

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It has been a while since we posted an update, but we have some new developments to talk about. Starting to learn python has led to a few new features within the UpFundMe Tribe. Things should come together easier now for UpFundMe as we can develop our own solutions custom to our situation (for free).

Stake Based Voting:

Some of you may have noticed we now have automatic voting within #upfundme via @ufm.pay for people with over 100 UFM staked to their account.

ufm.pay comment.png

For now, every 555 UFM Power will yield a 1% upvote and scales up linear to 100% for 55555 UFM Power. Also (for now) there are no limits on the amount of posts that can receive upvotes. UFM that is powering down does not count towards this. Adding or subtracting your UFM Power will update everything within the bot automatically. All of this may be adjusted in the future.

If abuse is reported to us, we may have to add that user to the blacklist. The amount of time spent on this blacklist will depend on the type of abuse. The definition of "abuse" will be determined on a case by case basis.

Increasing Steem Power to @ufm.pay and paying for steempeak integration are now the two main financial priorities for UpFundMe at the moment. These are the best reasonable and attainable steps that add the most value to UFM. Sales from UFMM (miners) will go towards these goals until we have integration and Steem Power is at a reasonable level.

Daily Proof of Stake Payouts:

Others may have noticed we have been testing out daily proof of stake payouts. Just like with the upvotes above, this is based on how much UFM you have staked.

Each day, payouts will be slightly different as daily curation rewards (in UFM) from stake based voting will be added into the proof of stake reward pool. UpFundMe Miners provide the rest of the reward pool.

ufm.pay pos.png


The UpFundMe Lotto still isn't quite where we want it to be, but is close to stable. All that's left is figuring out the python code to create a report post after each day's lottery draw. So far this has resulted in a crash with both attempts, but should be resolved shortly.

Minimum daily prizes have been added, now the minimum daily prize is 100 UFM and goes up by 4.9 UFM per ticket sold.

UFM Discord

Join our discord for more information on all things UFM. From time to time, those who help other people will receive a gift of UFM Power. Today we thank @royaleagle for constantly helping users in our general channel. They have been gifted 1500 UFM Power.


The UpFundMe tribe is supported (in part) by @ufmbot, the TaskManager Promotion Service, our UpFundMe Lotto and also the witness @untersatz. Click here to upvote this witness.

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