UpFundMe: First Aid Kit Supplies #7

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Last week's post has paid out, and I have reached my goal for item #4! Thanks, everyone!

Here's the breakdown:

5 Steem from @shanibeer = 85 cents
12 Steem from @jonyoudyer = $2.04
(thanks so much, y'all!)
$4.56 payout on post in Steem
4 cents of PAL
4 cents of UFM
$7.53 from week 6

  • $1.60 from week 5
    $9.13 total!

My goal was $6.09, so I actually overshot, which is awesome!

I haven't placed the order yet, for two reasons:

  1. I need to cash out some Steem to have enough money to do so and I haven't done that yet, and

(long story: they "authorized" my order of cat food TWICE, which my bank holds as unuseable until it goes through or expires, which leaves my bank account with not enough money to pay my electric bill which I already authorized to charge. I was freaking out that I'd get hit with overdraft fees due to their mistake, but thankfully after talking to my bank and the electric company, I should be OK on that score. Amazon, on the other hand, pretty much told me to get bent and it's not their problem. I honestly would prefer not to deal with them if I didn't have to, but right now the cats' food is extremely hard to find and Yuan is on a special allergy diet; literally everyone but Amazon and maybe Chewy is SOLD OUT of it, and Chewy's free shipping is a higher minimum order that I can't afford, so I've been having to order from Amazon. And the wish list, well, I don't know anyplace else to do a wish list like Amazon does where I can put it up here like this for fundraising.)

So tl;dr I'm either going to wait until the whole Amazon-fucked-up-my-charge is fixed to place the order or I'm going to try and buy latex-free bandaids in person at a store sometime in the next week. Apologies, I usually try and do the ordering part before I make the update so y'all can see it's done; I like to show that I am on the up-and-up and the fundraising is going to what I say it is! Hopefully since this is the fourth item, you know I mean it and will allow me a little leeway on the ordering this week. Ugh, if finances and technical problems could NOT be a fucking issue for once, that would be AWESOME. >.<


So, item four ...check! Once I get to the store or Amazon gets their shit in order.

On to item five!


Some sterile saline for cleaning wounds. On (evil) Amazon (grr) for $7.07 + free shipping. ;)

So at today's prices of 17 cents/Steem, my goal for this one is 42 Steem! :) If I have any left over from the bandaids I will tack that on, but with fees for cashing out I might not? I'll have to see once I've done that and gone to the store or placed the order because Amazon has gotten its head out of its conglomerate ass.

I am grumpy at Amazon.

The entire mutual financial aid for mutual medical aid wishlist:

So that's it for this week - hopefully next week I will have bandaids in hand, or at least ordered. Thank you for any help toward my goal of building my first aid kit - every upvote helps! I appreciate y'all!

Have a great week! :)

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I checked out your wishlist - and it turns out I had some amazon points and they were trying to give me free stuff! I sent this and a few more things your way 😁

Oh my goodness, thank you so much! I really appreciate that! :O You're so kind. :)

Sweetie cat 🐱