UpFundMe: First Aid Kit Supplies #5

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So my fourth UFM post for the first aid kit hasn't quite paid out yet, but once again I called it good, cashed out some Steem, and bought the third item for my kit! Hooray! :)

first aid supplies ufm 3 ordered.PNG

I'm getting my former scout preparedness on, y'all. Here's the breakdown:

UFM first aid supplies post #3 (two posts ago): $2.13 raised between donations and payouts (this is what I added up in the last post when Steem was at 18 cents rather than 17 cents; I didn't adjust it, close enough)

Post #4 (the last post):
10 Steem donation from @novacadian =$1.70
5 Steem donation from @shanibeer = 85 cents
(thanks, y'all!)
Steem payout: 7 cents
PAL payout: 1 cent
UFM payout: 55 cents

...so since the switch to the new rewards structure, I am officially earning more in #upfundme tokens than the other two, even though it has the smallest value per token. Tribes FTW!


The item (emergency blankets) cost $5.95 on Amazon (including shipping), so I called it good and ordered today! Thank you again to everyone who has contributed and upvoted toward me getting my first aid kit built. I hope it comes in handy when needed someday! :)

On to item #4!

ufm bandaid image.jpg

Bandaids, that most basic of first aid supplies, for $6.09. All of the items in my kit will be latex-free as I am allergic and lots of other people are too - so these bandaids meet that criteria (whereas Band-Aid brand does not, if you were wondering).

So at the current price of 17 cents/Steem, that means I need 36 Steem, and that is my new goal.

Thank you to everyone who is helping me to build my first aid kit with upvotes and donations! You all are awesome. Steem on and have a wonderful day! :)

The complete mutual financial aid for mutual medical aid wishlist:


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Our first aid kit is woefully inadequate. Must look at that list.

Things which have been bought so far (so they aren't showing anymore on the list):
Steri Srips
Betadine prep pads
Instant cold packs
Gauze bandages
Emergency blankets
Hemostatic dressing
...and I also bought some Purell from the store and put that in there. I added the stethoscope and bp cuff I already owned, as well as glucose tablets. :)

It's great to see your fundraising efforts going so well for you... and very cool that UpFundMe is showing such promise! Gives me some hope for my own efforts, too.

Bright Blessings!

Thank you for your support - upvoted your post too! :) May we both reach our goals!
I am excited about UFM. I think with the Steem-Engine tokens, it's much more effective than it was before, and the tokens are still new so we're just getting started! :)


Aw, thanks for trying! :) And thanks for the upvote!

You need to own more UFM (5000 UFM Power in your wallet allows you to send 5 UFM per day, + 1 UFM for every 1000 Power after that.)