UpFundMe: First Aid Kit Supplies #4

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HOORAY the Betadine pads have arrived! That's one more item in my first aid kit bag. Thank you, Steem fam! :)

Happy hardfork day! I hope y'all survived and didn't tweak for Steem too hard while everything was up in the air. But we're back and things seem to be working, so I thought I would do the next UFM post on my first aid kit project.

Last week's post has paid out, so I did math (be afraid). It earned 17 cents on Steemit, 31 cents worth of UFM, and 3 cents of PAL. I also received donations totaling $1.26 from @shanibeer and 36 cents from @marblely - thank you both so much! So that puts me at $2.13 total. All this was at the current prices of Steem at 18 cents, and SBD at 82 cents.

So that means to reach my goal of $5.95 for the next item on my wishlist (emergency blankets), I have $3.82 left to go!

emergency blankets image.jpg

If you are unfamiliar with #upfundme, it's a Steem crowdfunding tribe. My goal is a latex-free first aid kit, because I want to be useful in my community should the need arise (and I'm allergic to latex - and lots of people are, and it's very common in a lot of first aid supplies, so you have to check everything). So I am crowdfunding for each item on my wishlist one at a time (which will evolve to "however much I have to order to get free shipping" once I get to the items that are only free shipping with a $25 order, lol). You can help me reach this goal by upvoting this post!

So once again thanks to everyone who upvotes my UFMs, and to those who have donated to the cause! I appreciate all of you. We survived the hardfork! Steem on. :)

The entire Mutual Financial Aid for Mutual Medical Aid wishlist:


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Nice to see this is working out for you! You get my small upvote, and much success with your ongoing efforts.

Bright Blessings!

Thanks very much! :)

Sorry to have missed your previous posts about the first aid kit project. Sending some STEEM to make up for the missed upvote(s). ✌💛

Aw, thank you so much!! :)

I wonder if that stuff burns on a cut or scrape the way the old fashioned iodine did...

It's supposed to be less painful than some other things but it is an iodine solution, which is why you shouldn't use it if you are hyperthyroid. I think my only experience with old fashioned iodine was a scraped knee in school that the school nurse took care of, and I don't particularly remember how bad it stung. XD