First Aid Kit Upfundme Week 22

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I'm a little late reporting that last week's UFM post paid out, so here is the math! :)

74 cents in Steem
4.690 PAL @ 0.01304 cents/PAL = 6 cents
46.04081212 UFM @ 0.00234 cents/UFM = 11 cents
80 Steem (!!) from @shanibeer (thank you so much!) @ 16 cents/Steem = $12.80
$13.71 for the week!
plus 55 cents from last week
$14.26 total toward a goal of $42.56, so $28.30 to go!

Whew! That's a huge chunk right there, thank you @shanibeer! This goal of $42.56 is to pay for these three items (with estimated tax):

fa kit final items wish list.jpg

I still haven't found an alternative to the now-discontinued-in-the-Americas antacid to treat for tear gas, so it looks like I'll have to go for the $19 import bottle from Thailand, but I'm still keeping an eye out.

What is #upfundme?

#upfundme is a crowdfunding tribe on Steem! If you have a project you are trying to fundraise money for, tell us about it, use the tag, and update with your totals! :) My overall goal is my first aid kit, but since the price of Steem is so low, I am piecing it out one item at a time (or one order at a time). It helps me to stay motivated that I am filling my kit bag as I go. :)

What I have bought so far through crowdfunding on Steem!

First Aid Kit retrospective so far.png
plus also some N95 masks, which arrived after I put this photo together

Thank you to everyone who is supporting my first aid kit project! Every upvote and donation is appreciated. I hope to be able to pay it forward by offering first aid to my community when it's needed! <3

The MFA4MMA Wishlist

I hope y'all are having a beautiful day! Remember to stand together, help each other, and practice radical acts of kindness and reckless displays of love. :) Solidarity to the people!

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Great photograph of the kit so far. I've sent a chunk over as I'm not sure I'll be on here every week. Steem on! x

Plus I got caught by a chugger in the Co-op and now I'm sponsoring a greyhound called Charley.

Awww! Like, fostering him or making donations towards his care?

Donations to his care 😂 I'd love to have him but I'm away from the house for long days, so it's not going to work.

I understand. When I was working a normal job, I was away too much to have a dog - now I'm home all the time but can't afford one.

Impressive how much you have been able to put together, simply through Steem-based crowdfunding! I hope you continue to be able to accomplish your goals and complete your kit!

Bright Blessings!

Thank you! Are you still working on your project? I keep looking at the #crowdfunding hastag and I seem to be the only one using it.