First Aid Kit Upfundme Week 21

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Welcome back for week 21 of my first aid kit #upfundme, the Mutual Financial Aid For Mutual Medical Aid first aid kit. :)

Last week's post paid out, so here are the totals:

37 cents in Steem
70.06290212 UFM @ 0.00222 cents/UFM = 16 cents
1.206 PAL @ 0.01366 cents/PAL = 2 cents
55 cents
out of a goal of $42.56, so $42.01 to go, ha ha.

That goal is for these three items (I guesstimated the tax):

fa kit final items wish list.jpg

And if you read my other blogs, you know I had it in mind to go to the dollar store since I had thought the right kind of antacid - the only other thing I wanted to add to my kit in case of a protest getting tear gassed, that's what the guides recommend to add to a mix to treat - was available there. Well I walked over to Dollar Tree and discovered that they had no liquid antacid at all (I did get some tweezers for the kit, though, since I didn't have those yet and remembered that morning):

tweezers for fa kit.jpg

Thankfully before I walked several more miles in the opposite direction, I stopped at home and checked the Family Dollar website to see if they had the right kind. Nope. So I started checking other store websites.

Walgreens - no.
CVS - nuh uh.
Rite Aid? Nope.
WalMart?? Fuggedaboutit.
Amazon?! imported from Thailand.

This all led me to do some research. Apparently the right type of antacid recommended by the guides just STOPPED GETTING MANUFACTURED ENTIRELY for some unknown reason. It wasn't a recall, they didn't claim a reason for it - they just stopped making it in the US and Canada. But when I checked Amazon UK, it still wasn't available with them, either. Suspicious that we live in a police state and that just stops getting made, or coincidence, you decide. ;)

Anyway, so there is a $19 bottle of Thailand import Maalox on my wishlist now, in addition to the other three items, but I'm waiting to see if I can find any alternatives before I add it to my official total. The difference between this and what's available in the US is that all the "new" ones have simethicone in them, and all the guides about treating tear gas victims say that they did not test the simethicone varieties. But they apparently stopped making the right kind YEARS ago, so maybe somebody HAS tested it by now, or come up with an alternative. So we'll see.

Alternatively, if any of you live in Thailand... ;) I kid. The shipping would probably be more than $19. LOL

ANYWAY so the saga of the community first aid kit continues! Please help me reach my goal so I can be prepared to help if people need it. Every upvote and donation is appreciated! Thank you so much! :)

First Aid Kit retrospective so far.png

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Sorry, I missed this round, I've been busy with off-chain things ... I'll be back when things settle down :)

No worries at all, I appreciate all the help you have given me! :)

The Saga Continues!

Cooincidence? I think not!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who found that a little suspicious, lol.


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Suspicious that we live in a police state and that just stops getting made, or coincidence, you decide. ;)

You don't even have to ask me to know my answer dude

Hahahaha. Yeah. It's not even that the old school ingredients were discovered to be a problem or ineffective - they're still in the new ones. Just with the ADDED ingredient.