First Aid Kit Upfundme Week 20

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It's week 20 of my first aid kit crowdfunding (woop woop!), and the N95 masks have arrived!

masks 3.jpg

Just a little crushed...

masks 1.jpg

The seller packed them in just one of those plastic bag mailers, as if it didn't matter if they were damaged. I think they're OK, but damn, that was taking a chance, Mr. Seller Man.

masks 2.jpg
This is the extent of the damage to the masks inside.

I think as long as the rim is ok, they're ok? Am I wrong? Anywho... let's math!

Last week's post is due to pay out in less than a day, and since this was just to try and top up the balance of the masks which I ordered early since they seemed to be going out of stock all over the place, I'm calling it good and doing an estimate:

38 cents in Steem
.85 PAL @ 1 cent/PAL = .85 of one cent
70 UFM @ 0.00218/UFM = 15 cents
53 cents

out of the $3.25 I was trying to balance out, that leaves me with $2.72 left over, and I'm calling it good. Thanks, everyone! :)

So on to the last items!

The last of the wishlist adds up to $39.41; I figure with tax (at .08 on the dollar), that's $3.15 in tax, so $42.56 would get me the last three items for my first aid kit (again, not counting the antacid to treat for tear gas, which I still have to go to the dollar store for)! Those three items are:

fa kit final items wish list.jpg

Alcohol prep pads, a water filter in case SHTF or I'm out in the mountains and there's an emergency, and the tourniquet I was going to get with the previous order but then the masks started to become scarce so I got them separately.

And then I will be kitted out!!! I has excite. I am almost done. :D

Some people are preppers in that they stockpile foodstuffs and start a homestead; I'm a prepper in that I prepare to be a medic for my community in case of emergency, or ya know, revolution.

So the FINAL GOAL is $42.56! I appreciate any upvotes and donations. I wish I could just buy everything I need but I struggle to buy groceries, so - hooray Steem crowdfunding! Thanks so much to everyone who has been helping me with this project! I appreciate you! <3

masks 5.jpg
I packed a half dozen masks in baggies so they would stay clean in my portable first aid kit, and put the rest in the supply closet for refills.
Supply closet = my bedroom closet. Shhhh. ;)

Have a wonderful day, Steem fam! :)

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I would also like to mention if you are interested that I would buy your UFM off market at a guarenteed price of 15steem/1000 for a fundraiser like this. If the market price is higher, use that, but I would like to try out a pegged model for certain funders like you, if you are interested.

I have been staking my UFM (at least like, 95% of it, I may have sold a little bit once to buy part of the kit) because I too am hoping the community will take off and I want to be able to be a UFM big fish and support everyone's projects. Maybe by the time I'm done with my first aid kit, the crypto winter will lift and we'll see more activity, lol. But I'll keep your offer in mind!

Ok! This is even better! UFM has real potential, and I have been poking around under the hood for a few weeks now.

Awesome! Almost done - this has been an epic upfundme! I'm working with the upfundme team on discord (where I found this post!), thinking about ways to take upfundme to the next level. Not everyone agrees what that is....

But I think this campaign is a great example of something that could target non-steemians.... #ophumanangels

Well before S-E and there being any other tokens at all, #upfundme started and people were using it - one person was trying to renovate their RV, one person was trying to buy silver coins I think, a teacher was trying to renovate her classroom, someone else was funding a birthday party for their family member - and so when they came back with the advent of tokens I thought we'd really see a return of Steemians working on projects, but I really seem to be the only one using it as the original use-case, that is, crowdfunding. I know it's crypto winter and all, but I'd expect some of the die hard Steemians to be here!