First Aid Kit Upfundme Week 18

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Hello frens, your dysfunctional friendly neighborhood anarchist here with another edition of Mutual Financial Aid for Mutual Medical Aid crowdfunding! Last week's post has paid out, so here is the math (as of yesterday's prices, which is when I did the math):

67 cents in Steem
.405 PAL @ 0.01060 cents/PAL = less than one half of one cent
101.59695305 UFM @ 0.00079 cents/UFM = 8 cents
5.068 Steem from @novacadian @ 13 cents/Steem = 66 cents
$1.41 for the week
$9.03 from previous three weeks
$10.44 total toward $26 goal, so $15.56 to go!

FA patch.jpg

What is #upfundme?

#upfundme is a crowdfunding tribe on Steem! If you have a project you are trying to fundraise money for, tell us about it, use the tag, and update with your totals! :) My overall goal is my first aid kit, but since the price of Steem is so low, I am piecing it out one item at a time (or one order at a time). It helps me to stay motivated that I am filling my kit bag as I go. :)

Thank you to everyone who is helping me get my first aid kit stocked! I hope to pay it forward when someone needs first aid. :)

We're near the end of the wishlist! This portion is to get some N95 masks and a tourniquet:

fa kit masks and tourniquet pairing.jpg

Since I've been working on this project for a while, I thought it was time to do a little retrospective! A huge thank you to everyone who has helped me build my first aid kit with upvotes and donations. Here is what I have crowdfunded for it so far with your help! ^_^

First Aid Kit retrospective so far.png

That's: ace bandages, betadine prep pads, micropore tape + sterile saline, an arm sling, emergency blankets, steri strips, emergency contraception, gloves + gauze pads +Neosporin + bandaids, and new filters for my CPR mask. Woohoo!!

Y'all are amazing, and I appreciate you so much! <3

The wishlist on Amazon

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