First Aid Kit Upfundme Week 16

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Welcome back to another exciting edition of my first aid kit crowdfunding! It's math time!

FA patch.jpg

0.027 SBD from @shanibeer (thank you!) @ 62 cents/SBD = 2 cents
19.578 Steem from @shanibeer (thank you!!) @ 12 cents/Steem = $2.35
3.905 PAL @ 0.00557 cents/PAL = 2 cents
97.04340307 UFM @ 0.00086 cents/UFM = 8 cents
58 cents in Steem
$3.05 for the week, plus
$2.72 for the previous week
$5.77 so far toward $26 goal, so that’s $20.23 left to go!

(prices as of yesterday when I did the math)

Here is what I am saving toward this round:
fa kit masks and tourniquet pairing.jpg
...a tourniquet and N95 masks.

Thank you to everyone who helps me raise funds to get my first aid kit put together! I hope to pay it forward by helping my community with first aid. :) We're in the home stretch, just a handful of items left to go!

Have a great day, Steem fam! I'm gonna go put on a sweater and make some dinner. Brr! ;)

The first aid wishlist

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Haha, I really did have my two cents worth this time round! 😂