First Aid Kit Upfundme Week 15

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Hello Steem fam, it's time for another first aid kit post from your friendly neighborhood cat pillow. Yes, I am a cat pillow. Maggie says.

Maggie 2.jpg

Let's do some math, shall we?

Last week's post:
58 cents in Steem
3 Steem donation from @marblely (thank you!) @ 12 cents/Steem = 36 cents
14.427 Steem from @shanibeer (thank you!) @ 12 cents/Steem = $1.73
1.010 PAL @ o.oo412 cents/PAL = less than one half of one cent
117.89840558 UFM @0.00042 cents/UFM = 5 cents
out of a $26 goal, so that means $23.28 to go in order to get the N95 masks and tourniquet!

fa kit masks and tourniquet pairing.jpg

The emergency contraceptives arrived from last week's order:
They go in my extra supply box since it's not something I'm going to have need of carrying a first aid kit on the street, but a "someone comes to me in need" type thing. And yes, those are some giant boxes with one little pill and a leaflet inside. Ahh, packaging. >.<

I am down to the last four items (not counting the antacid for fighting tear gas which I haven't gotten yet but hopefully will find at the dollar store) on my wish list! Thank you so much to everyone who upvotes and donates to help me build my first aid kit! <3 You are appreciated!

Plant a Tree for Free:
side note: One Tree Planted is doubling all donations through December 3rd, so if you've ever wanted to donate to plant trees, right now you plant two for every dollar given! I doubt this applies to the free tree with my link, but use that and you could do the free one + however many you'd like to donate, doubled!

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Almost there! Do you have any plans to celebrate when you are done? If you were to participate in Ultimate Selfi Builder each week, nominating Steem-built First aid, I would award participation prizes to you! I would also accept any of the other exciting contests and meaningful things you participate in.

I will check that out when I'm on the laptop! Thanks! :)
I don't have any plans beyond a happy dance. ;)

Would you accept my embroidered patch as my logo? LOL
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Yes! 100% I love that logo!

How did I not see this reply in my replies?? Weird! Okay, I will check out what I need to do, thanks!