First Aid Kit Upfundme Week 11

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It's that time for the weekly crowdfunding post to get my first aid kit built: mutual financial aid for mutual medical aid! Thanks to everyone who helps. Every upvote counts, and you are appreciated. :)


Last week's post results:

196.86 UFM = 17 cents
.912 PAL = 1 cent
73 cents in Steem
10 Steem donation from @shanibeer (thank you!) = $1.50
$2.41 total for the week
$4.15 from the previous two weeks
$6.56 total toward $9.30 goal,

which means I have $2.74 left to go to be able to order the compression bandages for my first aid kit:

ace bandages.png

What is #upfundme?

#upfundme is a crowdfunding tribe on Steem! If you have a project you are trying to fundraise money for, tell us about it, use the tag, and update with your totals! :) My overall goal is my first aid kit, but since the price of Steem is so low, I am piecing it out one item at a time (or one order at a time, when I have to start ordering $25 to get free shipping unless I happen to be able to also order cat food or something not related at the same time, lol). It helps me to stay motivated that I am filling my kit bag as I go. :)

The first aid kit wishlist

Thanks again for helping me build my kit! I hope to pay it forward by being prepared when someone needs first aid help. :) Have a great day!

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