First Aid Kit Upfundme Week 10

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I am freezing my little first aider ass off, y'all. At least it's only for one day; we're supposed to get above freezing tomorrow and then back in to the 60s on Saturday. Ahh, Denver. At least the unpleasant weather usually doesn't stick around long. :)

Let's warm up with some math, shall we? Last week's post paid out, and here are the totals:

48 cents in Steem
1 cent of PAL
7 cents of UFM
3 Steem donation from @marblely (thank you!) totaling 42 cents
10 Steem donation from @shanibeer (thank you!) totaling $1.40
$2.38 total earned last week
$1.77 from the week before
$4.15 so far toward my goal of $9.30, which means I have $5.15 left to go for my next first aid kit item! :)

Which is these, btw:

ace bandages.png

What is #upfundme?

#upfundme is a crowdfunding tribe on Steem! If you have a project you are trying to fundraise money for, tell us about it, use the tag, and update with your totals! :) My overall goal is my first aid kit, but since the price of Steem is so low, I am piecing it out one item at a time (or one order at a time, when I have to start ordering $25 to get free shipping unless I happen to be able to also order cat food or something not related at the same time, lol). It helps me to stay motivated that I am filling my kit bag as I go. :)

All upvotes help me to reach my goal, so thank you for any upvote love! <3

That's about it from snowy cold Denver. I hope y'all are having a good day. Steem on!

10 october 3.jpg

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Brrr.... that looks awfully cold.

That same storm system dumped our first snow on the mountains here in the Pacific Northwest. The temps went from 60-something to 30-something overnight... warming up a bit now.

Bright Blessings!

It is warm again now. The cool thing about Denver (that takes some getting used to, though!) is that the weather shifts so quickly, the unpleasant stuff usually shifts right back out again so you don't have to live with it for long. We can have a full on blizzard and have it melt within the week. It's nice once you've adapted to keeping your full wardrobe on hand at all times and wearing layers. ;)

That looks cold!

It for sure was. But it's already melting. Yay! LOL