First Aid Kit Upfundme #8

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The next post is a few hours from payout, but this is going to have to be a very loose estimate anyway, because I still don't have wifi at home (whee), and so can't see all the front ends on my phone that I usually look at to figure out prices of tokens. So, here's the breakown from last week's post:

15 Steem donation from @shanibeer (thank you!), with Steem at 13 cents (holy shit, when did that happen), that's $1.95
+43 cents in Steem
+4 cents each* PAL and UFM (this was what they totaled on week 6; since I can't see the actual totals for week 7 that's the guesstimate that they'd be about the same)

Plus if you recall I hadn't spent the last amount yet because Amazon was playing fast and loose with my debit card, and that was $9.13

So combined, that's $11.59 for three posts.



I received a care package full of stuff from the first aid wishlist from the generous @ecoinstant. Thank you so much!!! :D

So since the bandaids and saline were in there (the two goals I was going to buy next), I went ahead and ordered the arm sling for $10:

Minus the fees I paid cashing out to an exchange, that's about how much I had to spend! :) Hooray! And I was ordering whey protein anyway so I lumped it together and shipping was free.

So now I am 7 items further into my list in one week! :D

On to item #11!


Some latex free ace bandages, for $9.30 (+ free shipping). So that is my next goal! :)

Thank you to everyone who has helped me fundraise for my first aid kit! Hopefully I will be able to pay it forward by being prepared when someone needs help!

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Sorry to get multiple personality on you, but I also thought the gloves deserved a WAY higher ranking on the list. You put the gloves on as you survey the scene, before touching ANYTHING. There is also a right way to remove the gloves:

Guarding lives is good, and gloves help you do that!

Haha, multiple personality. ;) Yeah I'm trained as a medical assistant as well as a first aider, I know about PPE. ;) I just was purchasing things that came with free shipping first so I could hit goals faster. I don't have Prime so other things need to be stacked in orders of $25+ (or as I did with the arm sling, happening to order something else like whey protein or cat food so I can tack it on to that order). :) It wasn't in order of importance

I'm glad you are making progress getting your first aid kit together!

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Thanks, me too!

'Bout covers it 😂

Hopefully I will be able to pay it forward by being prepared when someone needs help!