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After all the hard work you put in, much deserved. So happy for you. With the ufm you staked you jumped up the richlist well done

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Yippee! I am certainly feeling rich today! Thanks so much for all the encouragement and help you have given me!

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Bang, I did it again... I just resteemed your post!
Week 23 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!
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Thanks, Pix! ❤️

Congratulations! As most gamblers know, now is the time to walk away, while you're ahead! lol.

Maybe in the real world, but here you win just by being in the room! Tokens rain down on you!

Congratulations Melinda! A well deserved full lotto daily win, and I hope you put it to good use and enjoy every nickel of it!

Thank you! I love the UpFundMe Community and have learned so much about tokens from everyone there!
The lotto win is a bonus!

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Hey @melinda010100, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

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Your turn next! We can't let the boys have all the fun!

Haha ! You are damn right ! 😄


qrvir3.pngYou won it ! congrats !

Thanks, @luigi-the-gnome! I still can't believe it!


Congratulations, Melinda! Keep it up!


Congratulations to you.
Betting has no friend.
You may not be lucky the next time you give it a try.
Bet wisely.
Bet with what you can afford to loose.

Haha! Good advice. All the Tokens that I bet with were ones I had won previously, not ones I had spent money on.



What a way to start of my day!

Congratulations @melinda010100 🎉 How much have you paid for the tickets?

Thanks! I spent the equivalent of 300,000 Sports tokens to buy 60 lotto tickets.

Congrats !

Poor, poor snowman. I bet his back is hurting about now. LOL

He may have lost a contact?

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I bought a couple more with my lotto winnings!

Getting carried away just a bit... :))


Definitely! Finally a fun way to use some of those tokens that have been sitting in my Steem Engine wallet!

That poor snowman! lol..what was the prize for winning?

The first line of the post shows the prize!

2280 UFM tokens



801590 SPORTS tokens!

I'm still in shock!

Oh okay! Holy Smokes! I'm in shock for you too. lol..that's so cool!

That was a win for the daily lotto prize but when you play there are tons of nice instant jackpot prizes, too. It is a fun way to build your Steemengine account!

Got it. I'll keep that in mind. How has your day gone?

Too busy! Just getting started returning comments!

wow, that's a trememdously late start for you isn't it? Busy with non-steemit stuff?

No busy with all things Steem... I can't seem to say no to helping out with all the cool new projects that I see happening!

Maybe he's just a very penitent snowman. It does sort of look like a strange bow, but you're probably right about his head falling off in the near-ish future!

I think he may have dropped a contact lens

I have no idea what you won but congrats and don't go spending it all at once ...lol 😊 🙀 😊

I do love the UFM tokens and I staked them, of course the 104 STEEM! I'm using the SPORTS token to buy more lotto tickets and giving some SPORTS away to friends do that they can buy more tickets, too!

Wishing you all the luck i can't keep up with all these tokens out there 👍

Most of them are junk and are only useful for the social interaction that they provide, but there are a few good ones that pay off. I'm happy to help anytime you have questions.

Thank you my friend appreciate your gesture will do 😊

Congrats again! 😀
Luck is coming unexpected. Enjoy spending the tokens. 😀

Congratulations! 👍 😊

Congrats @melinda010100!! SO happy for you!!! <3

Excellent, congratulations!

Congrats on your fabulous win Melinda.

That snowman is hilarious. I’ll bet his head will fall off this coming Tuesday.😂 ⛄️

He collapsed this afternoon... Sunday. Poor guy! gwa42n.jpg

The poor guy lost his head. I thought he’d last until Tuesday.

We are having beautiful weather and it’s to continue all week. I hope you are having the same. 🌞

Lost his head and fell right on his nose! We have more snow coming tomorrow, but they keep lowing the totals, so maybe it won't amount to much!