Beginning to hurry on his way....

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... Frosty the snow man
Had to hurry on his way
But he waved goodbye saying
"Don't you cry I'll be back again some day"

The Snowman in my yard is leaning.... urd4ed.jpg

And we got 3 inches of snow last night, so he could use a little dusting!


But he is still standing! And temperatures the next few days are to be well below freezing, so he should be safe.

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Love your snowman !

He is definitely classic!


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Really my child really likes it.
I'm happy to see the fun
Thanks for sharing My friend

Snow men are fun! Wish you both could come play in the snow!

What a great snowman. Maybe he needs a shot of brandy to straighten up. 😊

We have snow falling today and mild. It is suppose to be colder tomorrow.

We got the colder part already. From here in the house tonight it appears that the snow man is leaning against the tree! What a slacker! 😂

Looks like he got just a little bent out of shape by the slight warm-up. When there is nothing left but the pipe and carrot, then spring will really be there.

I am looking forward to taking those pictures!

He needs a make over :-)

I can't tell for sure but he may be leaning against the tree!

He's not dead yet!

It is going to be really cold for through the weekend so his chances of survival for the weekend are good!

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I will become a bigger part as soon as I can! 😘

oh no! lol..he should last awhile, he'll get frozen in that position and last the rest of the winter!

The kids keep asking for snowman updates so I keep taking more pictures of him.

Snowman updates! lol..that's too funny!

Only once in my lifetime have we rolled a snowman, about two inches of snow in Johannesburg when I was around twelve years old... We planned the roll from the top of a hill down into an area to build, he lasted about two days and melted, what fun it was, so glad you still enjoy the inner-child.

Thanks, dear Joan! Sweet snowman memories. I hope my grandkids have good memories of building this snowman!

Not something you ever forget I am sure, he sure is a big handsome snowman.

Amiga buen dia ,el frio debe edtar por alla a lo maximo! A mi me mataria,aqui esta lloviendo algo y el tiempo fresco,ah felicitaciones hoy en el dia del amor y la amistad,Dios la cuide y mucha salud,un abrazo,saludos

¡Feliz día de San Valentín para ti! Hace mucho frío aquí esta noche. Estoy feliz de no tener motivos para salir al aire libre x

Aww, poor Frosty. Well, standing tall that long is hard on anyone's back.

It's been bitterly cold up here in MN, but we're supposed to jump up to above freezing tomorrow. From -20 uesterday to the mid 30's is a pretty nice chANGE. hOPEFULLY, YOU GET THE WARM UP, TOO, THOUGH fROSTY MAY NOT APPROVE.

Your weather and ours is pretty similar much of the time. First subzero temps of the winter now, but then warmer here, too. The kids keep asking about the snowman so I have been responding to them with pictures.

I am so jealous to people who had snow this year :)

It is pretty!

I'm surprised no critters feasted on Frosty's carrot nose yet!🥕☃️

Shhhh.. It's plastic! 😂😂


Ohhhh.... my he is still standing he must be freezing out there...haha 😄

Temps tomorrow are supposed to get above freezing, so I'm thinking his days are numbered!

Poor snowman go and put a blanket over 😄 😄

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