upfundme lotto weekly mega draw results - 12th Jan 2020

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Results for the ufm- weekly mega draw lotto for the 12th jan 2020!

Tickets sold - a lot!
prize fund - a new record at a massive 16993.1802644307 UFM!
Winner - @qam2112

The massive prize was won with a small amount of weekly tickets so it just goes to show any one ticket can win and you have to be in it to win it!

Want to know more?

Every day an exciting daily lottery is run on the steem tribe - upfundme

This lottery can be entered by anyone who is active on the upfundme network buy sending 10 ufm tokens (or multiples of) to @ufmlotto

ufm tokens can be purchased on Steem Engine

Draws happen at 04:00 GMT and all results are posted to the upfundme ufm-lotto Discord channel

There is three ways to win..Lets look how! Firstly we have instant wins..Prizes added to you account instantly.

Possible instant prizes(In order from hardest to win):
1 UNTAMED (Splinterlands booster pack)
1 UFMM (upfundme mega miner)
50 UFM
0.1 TMPS
15 UFM
Free Ticket

Secondly we have the main daily draw - 10 ufm will buy a ticket to the daily draw.

25% of all daily lottery income is burned!
49% goes to the daily winner.
25% of daily income is added to the weekly prize. (NEW - weekly prize now gets bonus UFM from miners!)
1% remains as a float (to remove the possibility of the bot crashing from 0 balance)

Thirdly we have the weekly mega draw, each ticket purchased earns a entry to the mega draw!

Many ways to win - one awesome lottery!

So what are you waiting for! Come and see us over on the Discord channel and join in the fun!

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