upfundme lotto results - 12th Feb 2020 - low ticket winner!

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Results for the ufm-lotto for the 12th Feb 2020. Another day and another new record - Todays winner won with only 10 tickets!

Tickets sold - 1861
prize fund - 1072.9956537552! , 29.36425584 STEEMP! and 122192.4185 SPORTS!
Winner - @busbecq!!
Tokens Burnt from todays draw - 1189.35242366 UFM & 48876.967 SPORTS!
Remember you have to be in it to win it!!!

Want to know more?

Every day an exciting daily lottery is run on the steem tribe - upfundme

This lottery can be entered by anyone buy sending 5 UFM or 0.1 STEEMP, or 500 SPORTS (or multiples of) to @ufmlotto via steem engine. Tickets have a 1 in 6 chance of winning an instant win prize, all tickets we be entered into the daily draw.

UFM tokens can be purchased on Steem Engine

Draws results are posted to the upfundme ufm-lotto Discord channel

There is three ways to win - each ticket bought can win in all three way..Lets look how! Firstly we have instant wins..Prizes added to you account instantly.

Possible prizes are..

15 STEEMP (winnable with tickets bought with UFM tokens only)
1 UFMM (upfundme mega miner)
0.1 UFMM
0.1 TMPS
100 UFM
50 UFM
15 UFM
500 DEC
200 DEC
50 DEC
0.1 TMPS
15 UFM
0.1 SPI
0.5 SPI

With More to be added soon!

Secondly we have the main daily draw - 5 UFM/0.1 STEEMP - or 500SPORTS will buy a ticket to the daily draw.

Thirdly we have instant win jackpots - 5% of ticket sales goes into these instant win jackpots. there is different ones for each payment method, you can see the current Prize for each of the instant win jackpotsHere

5% of all income is instantly transferred to @ufmjackpot to build up the instant win jackpot for each token (1/20000 odds of instantly winning per ticket)
~50% of @ufmlotto's token balance goes to the daily winner (after 5% is taken for jackpots)
50% of UFM in @ufmlotto is burned daily (after 5% is taken for jackpots)
25% of SPORTS in @ufmlotto is burned daily (after 5% is taken for jackpots)
9% of STEEMP in @ufmlotto is added to the jackpot at the end of a lotto cycle after the daily winner is chosen (on top of the 5% taken for jackpots instantly)
The rest (minus a small float) is used by @taskmanager for various purposes

By playing the lotto you also help reduce the supply for the native token UFM - Did you know that out of 5.124m Issued UFM tokens only 1.587m are circulating?? thats right 3.536m UFM tokens have been burnt already!!! You can verify burnt tokens by checking the @null account. SPORTS tokens are now burnt too!

Many ways to win - one awesome lottery!

So what are you waiting for! Come and see us over on the Discord channel and join in the fun!

Todays UFM Stats..

Circulating (31.24%)
Burn (68.76%)
Staking (90.65%)

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I know this is completely off topic, but did you ever get that 1/2 sovereign?

Hi @welshstacker ! the one i was crowdfunding for ages ago? Not directly , but i did use funds from the crowdfund and put it with money i had saved to finish it of so i did get them yes:) Upfundme is still crowdfunding, but has moved more to an awesome lotto run on discord. Hope the stacking is going well, I have been on a bit of a silver buying binge recently!

Glad you got it (in the end).

I'm starting to hear some great things about UFM, I'm goi g to have to pay more attention to this now.

You definitely should do @welshstacker :) I would recommend coming onto discord and having a look around - I have bought you ten lotto tickets and sent you 50 ufm.

It pleases me a lot to see that a scot token "gets it" like UFM does. Great work on the lotto, the amount of tokens burned and all the early successes. I am pleasantly optimistic this can keep up if a lot of the same principles are being kept up.

Thank you, Its really starting to come together with the lotto, and we have a growing and friendly community so its great to see:)

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