Thank you! You are my family.

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Today I only have words of thanks for this platform and all the friends who are like my family. Four weeks ago I started a fundraising campaign to pay for some baking classes. But today I took the money I had collected, which was 160 steem, which on the page where I exchanged was almost $ 19.


I really didn't want to touch this money until I collected the money for my classes. But with all this of the quarantine for the covid-19 I have not had a job and had no food at home.

With what I changed I could buy cornmeal, wheat flour, rice, spaghetti, sugar, soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, some meat. For us it is a lot because we had nothing at home to eat.


Thanks to what we bought we made a delicious lunch. Thanks to the support they give me and every penny to me is really important. It is not easy to live everything that we are living and less when we do not have food or money. When they ask me why I'm still here. I continue because we are a family that support each other in good times and bad. Let's take care of ourselves and stay home until all this happens.

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I think that was a very wise decision. We are all trying to make it through these unsettled days.

Yes. Having food and taking care of our health is the most important thing these days. My mom sends greetings and says she always asks you to be good💛

I think you did the right thing. I hope you stay safe and healthy!

I'm so glad you were able to get what you need! So many people are hurting right now, financially even if they are not sick. It's so important that we help each other!

I am glad you were able to afford some food for your family Denisse. These are indeed very tough and unstable times. Together we will all make it through just fine.

Thanks to all of you I was able to buy some food and that makes me happy. These are really difficult times! But together we'll make it through all of this