Help me to help my baby💙

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I think that all of us seeing this cute face would like to help. He is Alejandro my nephew, he is almost 8 months old and he was a very desired baby by my cousin @mirianmg but this last month has not been the best for them! My cousin's relationship with Alejandro's dad ended but she has still been very strong for the baby's sake.


I'm sure she won't want me to post this. But my mother always says: "He who does not speak, God does not hear him" today I am speaking or rather writing to perhaps get a little help. Today she is living in her parents' house but she does not feel comfortable. It feels like it's a burden on her parents. I would really like to help her, a few days ago I sent some food is the only thing I can help at the moment.


She has been my partner all my life and that is why it hurts me that she is not well. At home we have an empty room that could be where she was comfortable. But it needs a lot of repairs, the roof is broken, it needs to be painted and it needs an air conditioner. For me it would be wonderful to be able to fix it and that she will move with my mom and me but we need many dollars that we do not have.


I only ask that if you see my post and you can help her with some dollars it would be wonderful. She could use your help to buy some food, diapers, or baby formula. No mother deserves to suffer in the best stage of her life that is when the baby is small. For her any help will be wonderful. I only know that I would like to have more and help her more, because it is not fair that she is going through all this, no mother deserves it. If you have read all this post thank you very much and in advance thank you for helping little Alejandro and his mom.

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