UpFundMe Project Curation Aug. 10, 2019

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Here are all the funding related posts I came across today and upvoted.

Fund the restoration!
@cloudspyder is seeking funding for the restoration of a local daycare. They shared some pictures and looks like some major upgrades are needed. Hope you can get some funding through upvotes!

UpFundMe: Building a "Dog"House
@doggodfroglog wants to build a dog house. Well not exactly a dog house, he wants to start fixing up his Granny's home to help her out and try to improve both of their lives. A worthy cause if you ask me. The home is in a state of disrepair currently and @doggodfroglog has been putting his extra crypto earnings into fixing the place up. Hope UpFundMe helps you on your way!

My Long Overdue Project - AltQuest - A MultiCrypto Minecraft Server
@bitcoinjake09 is looking to upgrade his minecraft server for a custom mod he has taken over the development of. He shares the tale of discovering the mod, taking over the coding and his journey into upgrading his server. There is also a cryptocurrency element mixed into his future MineCraft server, pretty cool.

That's it for today, I will try to share my findings again soon and hopefully some of you out there can lend an upvote to these projects!

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