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The website bushfires.info has been migrated to a new better server.

A reliable SSL certificate from Crazy Domains has been procured.

All costs for this were covered by (donated) by @jackmiller.

The site is hooked up to Steem via Steemconnect.

Steem account: @bushfires

We currently have four authors registered and active on the site.

We have opened up a Discord server, where every person of good will is welcome to join in on the grassroots project.

A twitter account @BushfiresInfo is now active and also hooked up to the website.

As for all the other social networks, there is no current intention of opening profiles for this project, as it is a grassroots initiative, each person who wants to can do their bit by spreading the word wherever they wish to.

The reason for this is decentralization and freedom of speech for each individual, as everyone is unique and this is something that all grassroots initiatives should honour and nurture.

Right now, we are at just over the 900 Steem mark as far as raised funds go.

This figure does not include any donations in logistics, such as server costs, domain registrations, Steem account registration costs. Those are all added extras that are donated for the purpose of getting this initiative up and running.

As for the other crypto currencies, the addresses shall be added soon.

Again it has to be stressed, that NO CASH will or can be accepted by anyone for this initiative. EVERYTHING must be done via blockchain technology so as to ensure 100% guaranteed transparency.

ALL the efforts put in by all those volunteering to help and pitch in is at no charge to the initiative and at no time will any of the raised funds be used for any contributor.

Unless victims of the fires themselves get involved, in which case there could be a waiver agreed upon by those in the Discord server.

Which shall again be put onto The Steem Blockchain via the website and also onto Twitter.

This shall only be addressed in the event that such a situation arises and is not a guarantee or indication as to who all will be getting the funds.


Grassroots at its purest and transparency guaranteed via blockchain technology.

This is about all that can posted in the update as of now that is 100% fact.

If anyone wishes to join in, please join the discord server:


Wish to thank EVERYONE who has in any way helped, especially those who have donated funds, those who have upvoted posts on @bushfires (on Steem), and everyone who has shared any or all our posts and tweets to the various social media portals out there.

Every contribution helps grow this grassroots effort.

on behalf of @bushfires


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As this is the first time that I am actually posting on Fundition.io, I am learning as it all moves forwards.

Didn't realize that the link to the actual Fundition site would not be included in the post on Steem.

So here it is:


Will make sure to include the link in the next update.

TY for understanding.

on behalf of @bushfires .info


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