06 FEB 2020 UPDATE

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The activities and results are as follows since the last update:

Emails have been sent out to various businesses in Australia in an attempt to get them on board so that the finances raised via this endeavour can be transparently donated all the way to the end and not only up to the conversion step.

Likewise, it has been looked into how to use crypto directly instead of converting crypto to fiat. The idea is to keep it all on the blockchain and even if we do not manage to keep every single step of the way 'on the blockchain' as far as physical handovers go, the physical handover process will also be recorded and put up on the Steem blockchain.

The coordination of the processes is yet to be defined in detail. No matter what the total amount may be.

As for adding other crypto currencies to the list, this too is waiting for responses from the applicable crypto services in Australia.

The goal there is to ensure that all transactions in any crypto currency be publically available and crystal clear at all times, with credible and reliable companies that handle crypto transactions.

Currently there is a total of 1,076.776 STEEM in the account of @bushfires (which can be seen on: https://steemitwallet.com/@bushfires/transfers )

As for the "Awareness" part of this endeavour, Tweets have been going out regularly, with the latest one being a Youtube video:




here is the video embeded in the fundition.io update

The website https://bushfires.info/  

is being updated and managed as required.
Although the registered authors have not posted many posts, it is at their leisure and will as to what they wish to post and when they wish to post it.
There are no set timetables or rosters, it is all done as per the principle of "Freedom of speach."

For now, this what can be listed with 100% accuracy.

As things happen updates will be added.

Thank you for your time, please share this update to your social media sites that you are active on.

Feel free to directly send links to anyone you think will be able to help out in any way.

Wish everyone a great day.

Yours truly
on behalf of bushfires.info

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