UFM Service Knocked Out From Dorian

in ufm •  7 months ago 

I'll keep this short, hurricane Dorian swept directly over us knocking out services for almost everyone in my area. The damage was great and it caused interruption for @ufmbot and the !UFM comment command. Even cellular services were knocked out. I will fix any missed votes from @ufmbot here shortly.

@ufmbot is now back online and will function normally. !UFM will require a database wipe and will be back online shortly.

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I hope y'all are safe!

We were lucky, some people had major flooding and even some roofs were blown off of houses, but no one around here was seriously injured that I know of.

Scary to be in the path of natural forces like that. Glad you're OK, even with various property destruction, trees down, and such.

Bright Blessings!

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I hope all is well

What area are you in that was hit by Dorian? Glad everyone is safe!

Eastern Canada, we didn't get hit quite as bad as it was in the eastern United States or the Bahamas but there was still quite a bit of destruction caused by wind. Helping my family clean up involved around 40 trees getting blown over across 5 properties.

Hoping you are ok and services are back up and running!

We are all OK here.

Services are back up and running correctly.