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I was lucky enough to be introduced this really cool token and lottery within the past few weeks by @royaleagle and I really like the concept.

First the token is very community driven that incentivizes token holders to stake their tokens to also receive a nice upvote via the community's central planners.

Getting lucky and hitting the lottery once and their "Mega Lottery" already I have been fortunate enough to stake away a very nice quantity of tokens without really trying in the beginning. I have lucked out a few times having others that I bought tickets for win the daily prize which was a very cool thing to see happen. All of that is great but the lottery concept is a lot of fun and I think provides some very nice value to the community. If I were to ever to start a token there some really really solid concepts that I would've used for sure, and this lottery is actually quite genius.

You simply go to your steemengine account, select the upfundme token to transfer, put the amount of 10 tokens in. If you would like to pick up an entry to the lottery for a friend, you just enter the username (without the @ sign), and that person is entered. If you want an entry just for yourself you leave the memo blank and just send the 10 tokens to ufmlotto, and that is it you are done.

Early on I have enjoyed going through the hash tag finding worthwhile posts and voting them as well, so if you are using the hash tag hopefully I find one of your quality posts and hit with an upvote, you can get tokens and stake them or use them to pick up a lottery ticket.

The very nice thing is that the lottery is in its' very early stages so the entries aren't overwhelming amounts of people, so of course the odds of winning are not virtually impossible... at all. Being early on they are only selling one ticket at a time, so it is intended to be done manually which is also very nice.

The record is kept on discord as well so you will see proof of the purchases and entries. Entries into the daily drawing can also get you into the Mega weekly drawing as well. Their discord links can be found to the right of the margin on the page when you first enter their site.

Best of luck if you take part, use the tickets for contests, they are still very cheap, I just picked up almost 600 tokens, 59 lotto plays for a whopping 2 steem (and some change). Buy them and stake them, buy them and reward friends, yourself with tickets and have fun with yet another cool new option on steemengine.

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