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“In a world of physical ease, brutal social equality, and reasonable economic equality, exclusiveness in frivolity becomes the most sought-after of all distinctions.”

― Roger Zelazny, The Graveyard Heart

(in the middle of sorting terabytes, accounts and stuff):
Tyrnannoght is a game in development, aiming at turnbased rpg + tactical , involving an option to play with an actual crypto-wallet, which happened to be a steemitwallet where i put a lot of work into a feed @goldmanmorgan, which is being downvoted for weeks on end now ... so the priorities have shifted a little - the wallet still works but with the feed being trolled some parts are pretty much void (especially the time i put into it).

At the moment :

@tyrnannoght combined vote 0.010077875140494 STEEM(!)after payout - 26 Wednesday Feb 2020, 3:00 UTC

(kinda hard to calc as i dont do strict 100/100 voting anymore since i gave up on this place)

@tyrnannoght holds:(20200223)

  • CCC : 3661 staked #CCC , (#creativecoin), well, creativecoin .. no more or less shady than any crypto i assume and well-adopted with a living actual community, hoping to see them expand on the options

  • GG : 1921 staked #GG (#steemace good-game tokens), same thing, community is very much alive , like anything on steemit you get the same people in the trending section (wink) so its normal and alive , and also : hoping to see them expand on the options in the future, get creative with whatever these things can do, if possible find ways to go about keeping it alive even if steem-engine were gone ...

  • UFM : 2276 staked , #UFM .. @upfundme #upfundme ... it's ... upfund me !

  • there's others in negligible amounts.I mainly try to focus on tokens that get me something first before i get to handout something after. Last time i checked i had about 20 INCOME(miners), the thing is i intend to hand those all xcept one to registered accounts/players with a max of one each ... the other thing is, im seriously in dubio on how to counter drive-by HODLers ... i mean its nice to be able to say "we have x registered accounts" without lying but its also not nice towards actual participants, i try to get more but since they're to giveaway i do ofcourse spend at most 1 steem per token ... these things go up and down

  • voting happens differently than when the autovoters were on 24/7 , i send a small amount of a token / tokens to one account i was following/supporting once a week instead and i vote for maximum curation in minimal time , all posts that have been greatly appreciated by the community so i'm basically a voting hero there (sarc ...) , eventually the intention is ofcourse to distribute votes and a share of income over players and participants (obviously ...) , not to save the whales and keep them plush

This is one of the parts you will never see front-end i guess

nonetheless its at the core of the game ... with the morgan website/system being functional (a bit like the death star i guess) i move the whole steemit thing to one day a week, its pretty clear the in-crowd and me here don't mix and i have no intention of going ass-up in order to promote it here but i was gonna do it anyway. To me the keeping my head level is the most interesting bit , and this thing can do that.

So ... first now would be the 'daily cycle' as it started out as an attempt at interactive posts across feeds (about two years ago now ?) written all in bash/shell script about everything i had there needs to move to php or whatever runs on the server now first as i still keep the daily cycle (for reasons i deem fairly practical and more)

just one folder of the original Tyrnannoght shell script folder structure ... museumpiece now

-Name:~/Desktop/Tyrnannoght/tyrnannoght$ cat */* |wc -l
cat: data/characteractions: Is a directory
cat: data/descriptions: Is a directory
cat: data/html: Is a directory
cat: data/process: Is a directory
cat: data/TMP: Is a directory
cat: data/vars: Is a directory
cat: data/zoneslastpost: Is a directory
cat: gfx/chesthand: Is a directory
cat: gfx/chestsprite: Is a directory
cat: gfx/grabhand: Is a directory
cat: gfx/icons: Is a directory
cat: gfx/inventorysheet: Is a directory
cat: gfx/limbocharon: Is a directory
cat: gfx/limbomaps: Is a directory
cat: gfx/maptiles: Is a directory
cat: gfx/wubmaps: Is a directory
cat: include/chunks: Is a directory
cat: include/poemrand: Is a directory
cat: include/quotations: Is a directory
cat: include/source: Is a directory
cat: include/zones: Is a directory

but that leaves not much to show that's shiney, and rendering blenders 'in between' to show mah l33t guffuXx takes time, and one screen down i cant just set it up next to eachother and try to multitask and and AND , this bit will actually take some thinking, i have the basic spicey routine ... as i said from the start i want a living world, an actual eco-system that depends on how much killed and stripped and an actual micro-economy (if i wanted rotating-gun or swinging birds i can do that in 24 hours too probably , hah ... maybe 48 , okay ... )
its not mobile first as i cant see how that would work in any way but it SHOULD run on anything that runs a browser, Firefox 'recommended' (weird ? you would think so but stuff like disquss and many more also have 'supported' browsers and non-supported)
no shit? ...no shit ... Sony has a playstation that doesn't play xbox games and

its a game , not an investment although playing as 'trader' or 'player' COULD make you more than you put in ... its like buying STEEM there : you buy steem, you vote on people, curationwise you get your steem back in 10 years, hoping the price didnt halve by then :D

other than that most of it will go the game itself, which i intend to be playable without crypto wallets or anything related to a blockchain, tokens and items will be kept on the chain when related but will NOT write to YOUR feed (theres is no need for that actually)

But most of all : i dont want to explain about anything about it, as that would kill too much, spirit of dark souls and other cult hits (not that i have pretense of calling Me yazaki (punny huh)

thanks for the massive support and such (heh) but if the requirement to get anything of the ground here is to suck teh whael dick i respectfully have to decline, it will be there when its there for those who want to play it

tyrnannoght - media will be (at most) once a day until further notice

for the websites and other platforms scroll to the bottom of the post,
i check telegram once a day and will try the reply section on @tyrnannoght once a day but im not online 24/7 ofcourse

all images, code, programming, foul language, and about everything else copyright 2017 - 2150 alleycat.be (unless it is made available on opengameart or unless it is available on my sourceforge bit ) - trespassers in my cables will be shot, trolls will be marked ... survivors will be hung outside my window with their head on a pike on my driveway as a warning

i'll put up discord, facebook and the likes as it becomes available

the product will not make you rich nor will it make you popular or beautiful

i'm sure the post will find its layout sooner or later ... i don't want to force it, i'm a huge fan of posting rights ...

no salespitch

no mediahype

the game is NOT open source, neither is any of the code around it ... (to me that makes perfect sense actually), blizzard is not a youtuber and thus does not provide tutorials ... i am a peculiar person with nothing to prove (seems to make me unbearable to a certain type of control freak but like lady haha was born like that i think i was like this, not much i can do about that if i have to clean my own hall ...)

the game is NOT open source, neither is any of the code around it ... (to me that makes perfect sense actually)

it will be there when its there , as the cultists say here : "short-term is irrelevant" ;:)p

and then some ...

Shrouded in mist
on hilltop lies
the City of Night

(tyr - nan - noght)

is that even a haiku ? its one of the original random babbles from the original posts ...

hm ::)

ah ?

well ofcourse, harry potter was written by team Rowling and the Shining was written by team King

THE POINT IS, PRECIOUS, about all great works of art were not teamplay

for more you can check out :

pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/alleycatd0033/

twitter : https://twitter.com/tyrnannoght

The Youtube Channel (click)

any questions about anything, you can drop a note on telegram at : https://t.me/tyrnannoght

any kind of abuse (spoofed email spam or anything at all), please drop a note to report at : https://t.me/tyr_abusereports
(i had a few sending mails that according to any outlook user would look like theyre coming from my site, mostly from tencent cloud before but after my run-in with the polish anti sbi-squad now from a mailserver from an Austrian company, if you experience anything like that related to any of the games or websites, please do let us know, trying very hard to not even be able to be accused of anything (like NOT using steemconnect or any kind of cookies that store anything at all, NOT asking steemkeys and so on) but theres no defense against trolls, downvoters or scriptkiddies as most user wouldnt even bother checking, but IN CASE : then the channel IS there

The goldmanmorgan actual website :

The @tyrnannoght actual website (where the game will be, but for now just a small limbo (zone zero ) demo :

powered by : @steembasicincome , @incinboost , @team-cn , @upfundme

if these mentions bother you please let me know in reply to @tyrnannoght or on telegram pls , those are the only two i check atm

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