The Biggest Day of My Life

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I think my biggest day would have to be the moment I decided to start my own business I was 26 at the time and I had been working for 4 years and thought right enough is enough I can't deal with this corporate slog anymore and I am going to move on.

I had a bright idea that I wanted to try out and in hindsight was quite the risk, but at the time I didn't think much of it, I just wanted out.

But....I didn't want to shoot myself in the foot so for 10 months I saved and planned my exit, got all the paperwork and clients together and started building on weekends. Eventually, things started to take shape and it came time to call it quits.

I Quit

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My resignation

My manager who is also my co-founder at the time was in Thailand on holiday and I had to give my resignation letter directly to HR and upper management. I wrote out my letter, signed it, left it on my desk to have lunch.

Eventually, I said I can't wait any longer and walked over to HR to hand in my resignation. Since I wasn't someone who showed much discontent and did my work it came as a shock to many, who pitched me to stay and submitted counteroffers.

I stuck to my guns and worked out the month, walked out of the office eventually for the last time. It was one crazy moment for me, I was still on crutches for that month because I had injured my knee a few weeks earlier.

Leaving the safety of your job or perceived safety to take a risk is never met with enthusiasm by friends and family I can tell you that, loads of resistance and you have to fight it and see it through.

The experience forever changed my life and I always think back to it when things get tough working for myself.

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Always interesting time when leaving a job for the last time.

Lol you’re still here?

Awww I can relate. I'm back again working for someone else because my business is related to travel and tourism. Due to the pandemic, it is going to take a while before people can start traveling again.

But yeah, I am thinking of others things I can start now. I think working for someone else and not having control of everything is not for me.

I’m glad to hear you were able to adapt through and make the most of the situation and not letting it break your stride and vision I think that’s important like the end goal isn’t the journey!

I hope you will keep going, business owners tend to have a high tolerance for pain

business owners tend to have a high tolerance for pain

Speaking of, maybe I've reached the threshold.