Why am I still here?

in steemimpact •  26 days ago  (edited)

Days ago I read about this initiative of @theycallmedan and I knew I was going to participate. But we all know that it has been very crazy days here. Without knowing exactly what will happen.

What I am sure of is that we are all a big family. And we will not stop fighting for what we want.


A question that they have asked me a lot. Well, in my family and friends they knew how much I generated here and then everything changed, many ask me why I'm still here? If I don't win as before.

I honestly do not consider my life without this wonderful platform. Well, it's like a trip without leaving my house, there are so many things that share here that it is wonderful. And above all because we are a family.



I'm still here for that. Because we are a family. And the family is in good times and especially in bad times. If we get to see how many people have abandoned because the price of steem low. Is incredible! I think that if we all thought about the power that the family has we would be a little better. But I also think about everything that happened this week and know something we are a wonderful family. We lean on and fight to stay together.

Today, more than ever, I thank you for this wonderful family that I have here. I thank those other mothers that life gave me that they are @melinda010100 @sunscape @gladysstillwagon and @karenb54 they have been a wonderful support here and in fulfilling my dreams. I'm still here because this platform has given me so much and not just money and knowledge. He has given me a family.

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That was a lovely read :)

I'm glad you liked it. Thank you for being part of my family here and for all your help.

Family help each other, you are welcome, :)

So is! You are my family and you are the best 😍💕

That's very sweet ❤⚘⚘

You are welcome! 💖