Trail Update Day 19 (53 SBI shares plus Changes)

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Steempower 4755
Previous 4678
HivePower 2584
Previous 2550

Some Changes
1/ Adjustment to content upvoted.
A few of the content curators we follow have been downvoted so we are unfollowing some and following others.
2/ Other rewards. After attempting this a few times and failing we have decided to start by giving steem.
All rewards will be chosen randomly.
So now you could receive either SBI or steem.
3/ Rewards will be given to everyone with 50% or more mana set to the trail.
After some feedback from trail followers we feel its a bit unfair on some who dedicate 100% compared to others way lower so we have decided to go down the middle and set this at 50% and above

Previous Giveaway
53 SBI shares given out to trail followers
Each unique trail follower recieved atleast 1 SBI share

Tommorows Giveaway
More of the same with some adjustments

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