Splinterlands Card Review New Rewards Cards Common Part 1

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I am going to start a few posts about the new rewards cards on the market. I am glad so many of you liked the Untamed ones. I will do a post soon with all of those ones in case you missed them. Once again I am giving away 500 DEC to someone that gives my post a real comment with feedback on the review or about the game.


20200213 20_15_14Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Sceerching Vulture isn't brand new but I haven't talked about him yet. This is a really nice card considering it is common. 3 cost lets him play in little league also. The card is fast and flys so sometimes it will be hard for others to hit. It has opportunity and scavager. That is a nice combo to pick off weak guys and get an extra life. You will need him at level 4 so he had at least 2 attack but after that, you can fit him into a lot of matches. If you play maxed out earth team then you will want him level 10 for that last attack point. Then he is a monster with even cost to attack. Those are great for lower mana games.


20200213 20_13_30Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Nectar Queen just makes Earth that much better for the 99 mana matches. This card cost a lot so you can't always play it. Yet when you can it is a strong card. This will be really good in no mages matches. Also, it will be a nice addition to earthquake games. Retaliate is a very powerful ability on a guy with at least 4 attack. One bummer is that you will need a lot of this new card to get that ability. It will be worth it to push for level 6, then if you can play it at level 8 that is the next goal to get 5 attack. Is it worth the max out at level 10? I say only if the cards are cheap. Poison is nice, maybe even great. But you already hit for 5. If you want to use this a lot then it is worth it.


20200213 20_11_48Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Barking Spider is a nice card. Another one for little league games and it has blind. I haven't used blind a lot but it does seem to make the other team miss. He can get a nice strong ranged attack. Also, come on 7 life for 4 cost that is great. I would aim for level 7 to get him to that 6 life and have blind. It is a pretty simple card and you will be glad to have it a good level. It will help with low mana games also. And in a no ability game not a big deal as he only loses one and will take a lot to kill.


20200213 20_14_43Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Gelatinous Cube is a nice tank card. WIth scavenger and self-heal he is going to take a lot of hits. He has void so that mages won't kill him too fast. He will be a good combo with guys with headwinds to make sure a strong range doesn't kill him fast. I have seen this guy just be unkillable in some games. He is a good one for no abilities matches if you don't have the giant. This one isn't super new but I think I forgot to talk about it before. You will want one more healer to pull that off and you want it to be faster than him so it will heal him early and he will heal last.

SM Devider.png

All of these common cards are good. You can play all of them. With the new loot format it is going to take longer to get them so it might be time to buy some while they are cheap if you like the cards.

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Thanks for the review!


Great review mate! Love the vulture, especially in earthquake mode. And I've seen the damm cube being used as an offtank after lord A, and it's an almost impossible barrier in rules like fog of war!

Vulture is one of my staples with earth splinter. I bought a level 4 gold foil and never look back. Think is the best opportunity monster for 3 mana.

I have not used Nectar Queen but feel it can be a very good tank card. Put in Wood Nymph to heal this. Definitely agree in earthquake rule set Vulture and Nectar are useful.

Cube is by far one of my favorites. When ever I see LoA in opponent's previous match I plan around the Cube. I have fared well neutralizing LoA with the Cube. Again going gold foil cube for bigger jump in leveling and less time to accumulate the cards to hit level 4/5.


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Thanks a lot.

Great review as always. Thanks.

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Yay! You're back!
For some reason I was under the impression you were taking a break from these.
It's a great idea to share a post with all the links from your last series too!
I feel like all these cards are pretty awesome. I only just pulled a Barking Spider yesterday!
Fun fact: This somewhat of an inside joke. A 'barking spider' is a fart. 🤣 Literally. Or it's who you blame when you fart audibly. "Oh! There goes another barking spider!" 🤣


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haha that was funny. Ya I am running low on new cards but will put up a post with links soon. I have some new rewards cards to do and then I will have to see what I want to try next. Still loving the game.

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Thanks for the DEC @stever82. Sorry I'm so slow to acknowledge. Haven't been on Steemit for a bit. Great reviews. :) That new Nectar Queen !monster is mighty fierce even at low levels. Looking forward to getting a few more. :)


fight fireball

Im only gold league, but I do use the cube quite a bit to good effect...sometimes if hes in the middle with a ranged attack behind him he can notch up enough life to become a really formidable wall to fire over!