Splinterlands Card Review Neutral Untamed Epic and Legendary

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I am sorry. I have been really busy but its time for the last review of Untamed Cards. I will do more reviews just done with the set. It has been fun doing this and I have to say a big thank you to everyone that has been checking them out and supporting me. As this is the last one I am going to up the prize to 1000 DEC for someone that gives me some good feedback about the post or the game. A lot is going on right now and I know that I am behind a little.


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Tortisian Chief is a great card to have. It is also nice that at level 4 it is strong. It gets a tank heal with okay damage and good hp. This card feels a bit like a neutral Wood Nymph. I know he doesn't get a second ability but he does a bit more damage and has higher base hp. A neutral healer card is special. It allows any team to go double healer and some to go up to 3 or more healers. It also gives newer players a much-needed tank healer if they don't want to invest in one for each team. Then they can just get this guy and they are good. I mean they have to have summoners to play him at level 4. So the won't replace healers for lower level players. I have to admit I didn't know this guy was a healer until today and now I plan to level him up soon.

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War Chaang is a fun new card. He is the first Ranged and Melee attacker I have seen. He is a great card for higher mana matches and super good when Melee can attack from anywhere. There are a few formats that allow that. Even in Melee only he is a guy who can attack from the back row and only a few can do that in a no abilities game. Add into that retaliate and trample and he can be a beast. This is just a fun card to have one your team to use in a lot of the new formats and high mana matches. You will also want him at least level 4 to get trample after that you can use him. At 5 and 6 he gets better so that is nice to see. I will max this guy out I am sure. Just not sure when.


20200210 08_40_08Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Chain Golem came from the kick starter but is part of the set. A lot of people have this card for sure. He is a really good tank in a lot of formats. I like using him on my Death team when mana is high. Now that I have some other healers for the team I don't have to use Haunted Spirit. He has Void and Shield with armor so don't expect him to die fast. Add in a nice strong attack with pricing and stun and he can be a force on the battlefield. He is also a nice card to toss in those 99 mana matches if melee can attack from anywhere. For now, this card is cheaper than it should be. A lot got them in the kick starter. Over time I think it will go up a lot. So you might want to get one to at least level 3 soon if you don't have it.

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20200210 08_40_23Splinterlands  Collect, Trade, Battle!.png

Cornealus is a very strong card. He will show up a lot in high mana matches and in ranged can attack from anywhere he can be you tank. With self-heal, torns, return fire, and magic reflect, It is meant to tank hits for anyone and send them back damage. With 12 HP it will take a lot of hits to kill him. Add in a strong attack and you see why he cost a lot. He can be the last position and kill both melee sneak and magic sneak monsters with return damage. He can sit in your number 2 spot and bounce back both ranged and magic sniper damage. So there are 2 greats spots for him. If he falls into your tank spot and can't attack he will still deal back a lot of damage. Also with another healer, there is a good chance the attackers will die before this guy guys. This card costs a lot for this set at over 6 bucks a card. But having him and not having him will cost you a win or loss in 99 mana game. So if you get him in a pack I would hold onto him. If you want to be a top player you will need to buy him.


I hope you see what I see. That is Strong Neutral cards. These and all the others show that they are making sure that the neutral cards are very playable. Over time they should go up as you can use them with any team. But let me know what you think.

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Congrats to @gratisuntamed I get what you said. It is right about the cards now.

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Great reviews again @stever82. You've reminded me of something that occurs to me every so often but then forget -- leveling up a Neutral !monster card gives me a better card to play in almost [not No Neutrals, of course] all matches, not just of a certain splinter.

I do have all 4 of these, though only at lower levels. Then again, I only have lower level Summoners, so I can't currently use them much higher anyhow.

One way I like to use War Chaang that you didn't mention is when the rule is Melee Only, but it still gets to use its Ranged Attack. Though as you mentioned -- even better when Melee can attack from anywhere or has Sneak because then it gets double attack.

Chain Golem is, obviously, a beast. Main drawback is that he's slow. Which becomes a big plus for Reverse Speed matches. I also really like the reduced Magic Damage starting at Level 2.

Level 2 Tortisian Chief is great with the second Magic attack. Like you, I didn't realize he gained Heal at Level 4. Something to aspire to. :) At Level 2, though, two Magic attack with 6 health for 5 mana is pretty solid.

Cornealus.... I don't use very much? Sometime is 99 mana matches, but even then I usually have other cards I like better. But I also only have it at Level 1. The extra abilities at the next levels make it a whole lot more beastlier.

Thanks again for all the effort you put into these posts. And I'm grateful for the giveaway goodies, too. Solid work. :)

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Great takes on the cards thanks for sharing.

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Thanks very much for the DEC I appreciate it.

Sorry to hear that this will be your last review but I know you're really busy with all the things you do.

I have often referred to the info given in past posts and will return to them often to try and improve my game. Especially if I get new cards of my own and/or level up the reward cards.

I think it's going to be a very long haul now though since the Loot Chests have been introduced. Getting potions is not a lot of help when you have so few cards to begin with. I'm very fortunate that I was delegated some alphas and betas but, at some point, I'm going to need to start buying, or most probably renting, some summoners.

I haven't decided yet how I will continue.

Best of luck with whatever you're up to now and thanks again for the DEC and reviews. 😍

Oh, I need to go reword that. I am not stopping my reviews I have just finished up the untamed set. I still have some new Rewards cards and stuff to talk about. I will keep reviewing content also. I walk to do a post about the new quest rewards. I do get how it is bad for a newer player. I will try to break that done soon and I will still be giving away DEC.

Very good post, so i upvoted ! I think just like you, neutral cards are a great investment and i think the price will go up in a near future :) The war chaang is a very good !monster, very useful for high mana matches or all melee have sneak attack. cornealus is very good too but i didn't use it much because of the high mana cost. And about the chain golem it's a very good tank, but i don't have it in my collection yet ;(!
Thank you, for your monsters reviews, very good content, i'm learning a lot from your posts !

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There is no shame in directing your focus on the things that are most important in your life. It's actually our own personal responsibility to do so. I appreciate the time you took with the reviews and insights on all of the cards you have covered. I learned a few things that have made serious improvements to my game play. I've even passed that info along and helped others with your tidbits of knowledge.

Whatever yer up to in the future, carry on!

Thanks a lot. I want to get back to writing stories soon and still will review the new rewards cards. Just going to take longer to get it done.

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for you

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These are reviews are !monster good stuff @stever82.

Have you had good success with War Chaang? I feel like he doesn't Retaliate as frequently as I would like and often gets beat up more/faster than I thought. But pretty cool when it can use both Ranged and Melee.

Of the four, I'd say Chain Golem is the most versatile, and the one I use the most.

Thanks for this great content.

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For sure, I have him at level 2 and it works pretty well in some games.

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Steve! I have enjoyed this series. Your little bits of insights are super helpful. Thank you for taking the time to do this AND for giving out DEC as a 'interaction bonus'.


You have been manually curated by the @splinterlands / @steemmonsters team!

Thank you for SHARING your Splinterlands content with the world! The more the merrier!

Enjoy your juicy upvote and keep creating excellent Splinterlands content!


Thanks for supporting my works makes is so much easier to continue the giveaways and like doing it more now it is for other players.

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