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Hi guys....welcome to my Splinterlands weekly challenge, today I'm going to be showing off my battle using the Pit Ogre...this super ugly dude! You don't want to wake up in the middle of the night with this dude staring at you lol, I'd shit in my pants, piss and pretend to be fast asleep.

Pit Ogre.png

But as a Splinterlands warrior that I am, all I need to do is summon one of my monsters to take it on, probably Goblin Merch would do just fine lol and I'd go back to bed sleeping like a baby.

So let me give you a quick run down of the abilities the Pit Ogre possesses. Firstly I'd like to mention that its really not one of my favorites, I have better options to use but while I was trying to get done for the purpose of this post, I did land some nice wins and it actually came in more handy than I expected.

So Pit Ogre is a rare monster of the Fire Splinter, quite ferocious with a melee damage of 2 and 7 lives at its lowest level. It also has the ability to stun its enemy after a hit, what the stun does is to make the enemy monster skip a turn. It gets more interesting at level 4 where it has the ability to enrage with a melee damage of 4 and 8 lives. Enrage makes it go extra angry and increases the melee damage and speed.

So without any more talks, here goes my line up. Unfortunately my enemy also came to battle with his pair of Pit Ogre but still couldn't take me on. I explain why below, its all in my line up strategy.


To watch the full replay of this match, click here.

The first monster on the line up i was the Pit Ogre, its first because of its amount of melee damage it has and can take in quite a lot of damage too with its life at 7. Some people choose to use it at other positions but for me, putting it first has always been my option.
Next was followed by Cerberus, the only self healing monster in the Fire Splinter that I know of. I like the monster because its has a low mana of 4 with a nice melee damage of 2 and it self heals, it can be quite dangerous if used strategically.
Right behind Cerberus was the Fire beetle, with a low and convenient mana of 3 and 4 lives, it also pierces through enemy shields with its ranged attack, it gets super interesting at its higher levels though when it has increased damage and life.
Next on the line is the Kobold Miner, this is by far one of my best monsters in the Fire splinter, you can easily tell because it has a very low mana of 2, 4 lives and its easy to get it to level 3 where it has a melee damage of 2, I like it more because its a natural sniper, you can entrust it with taking on your enemies monsters by sniping them from different positions. Small but mighty lol.

Next on the line is the Giant Roc, I like this card cuz it has a fairly low mana of 5 and has the ability to reach, here's the fun strategy. Using Malric inferno, the fire summoner, increases the monsters melee damage by 1. So automatically, my Kobold miner gets a damage of 3 and snipes, Giant roc gets a damage of 2 and reaches, all this means we will be beating the enemy really bad before it even gets to their turn to fight, how sweeet!

Lastly, remember in my last post where I wrote about covering your behind because its as important as covering your front(crotch)? Well, I did that nicely using the Elemental Phoenix, a legendary fire monster with one of the best abilities in all of Splinterlands. It can fly at its lowest level with a magic damage of 2 and 8 lives, it also reflects and blasts in highest levels, you really want to have this card.

With these lethal combinations, I'm almost unstoppable, my enemy lost all its monsters before I could even loose one of mine, if this was Mortal Combat, the battle would have been labelled "flawless victory"...its all in the strategy, making the rule sets work for you and selecting the best cards to land the wins.

Hope you enjoyed my walkthrough...be sure to look out for my next Splinterlands post az I reveal more strategies. Thanks for reading.

And that's it for today's show off folks, if you'd like to join me in having this awesome gaming experience, here's my referral link

Don't forget that if you don't have a steem account or haven't bought any cards, you can still play for fun by registering with your Email address. This will allow you access to a lite account. The real deal is when you buy your cards and build your deck, because only then will you have access to tournaments, daily and season quests.

If you're game, I'm always up for a challenge. Hit me up and get your ass whooped.

Battle till you drop!!!! See ya.


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Yes. Yes. Protecting your back... yes. 🤣
Dude. I look forward to your posts. Thank you.
And your lineup is seriously similar to mine. It's like you stole my team!
Did you steal it?! DID YOU!??!
Sorry for yelling, I can get excited... 😏
😘 @carrieallen


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