A battle of opportunity that confused me and discussion on opportunity rules.

in spt •  6 months ago 

Today I had the Water splinter for my daily quest. My first battle against @jrambo confused me ! You can view it here
Here is the start of the battle.
Fast forward to attack 9 of 16, just before my opponents feasting seaweed attacks.
I was not sure in which order opportunity picked its victim when there are 3 monsters with the same health. Apparently it picks the highest attack followed by the slowest monster. I would have thought the feasting seaweed would have gone after the sabertooth shark first as it is the quickest and had the most advantage but it picked my feasting seaweed instead.
Here we can see it clearly goes after my feasting seaweed in a move that threw the match in my opponents favor.

I was able to finish my daily quest and still remain in Gold I and got these reward cards.
A nice GF Goblin Mech!

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