free give away splinterlands card 134

in splinterlands •  13 days ago  (edited)

I will give this card to 1 of you who commen below.
it will be cool if you upvote or like but is not a most just commen below to win this card only 1 winner i will do this every day so follow me for more free card !

to day i give out onther opportunit skill neutral monsters

at lvl 6 this monster get opportunit skill+ hp go up every time 1 monster die a very good card for slow game

@belemo Welcome to the game i send you a small gift for join this great game hope you can use them.


give only lvl 1 card away.
will be nice if you upvote or follow me for more income free card giveaway guys:)
take the card and get some more dec

if you upvote me i will upvote back plz make a commen so is easyer for me to upvote you back agin, it dont cost you any thing, all it do is helping me and grower bigger so i can give more to you guys back, and help each onther to grow we have notthing to loss but we have alot to earn buy helping each onther.

I will upvote all who commen to my post minium 10% back to you guys.
if you not playing this game yet here is my refflink to the game

Winner 31.png


to nonwinner follow me for more free card :)

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I am in

Thanks for the seaweed card! Love getting those untamed opportunity scavenger cards.


Upvoted :)

cool! i want it :)
I also 100% upvoted you!

tyvm make me very happy :) i follow you back

Count me in

Thanks for the contest

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upvoted. thanks

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