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Splinterlands weekly challenge and this week theme is SNEAK

In many cases SNEAK could be very useful hitting back line. Normally there Monsters with heavy range attack and nor armored. Eliminating such may be direct way to Victory
Basically all splinters has SNEAKers. My favorite is definitely CORAL WRAITH with decent Magic attack and additional Rust abilty

Let's go to just fresh and pretty cool fight with very low mana and quite difficult conditions

FIGHT. Heavy Hitters + Broken Arrow + 14 Mana


Here is final line-up using Dragon Splinter on basis of Drake of Arnak summoner

  • FURIOUS CHICKEN. Not much good about this card, but ZERO mana and good to cover front or back line
  • CORAL WRAITH. Decent Magic attack with Sneak ability
  • RULER OF THE SEAS. Heavy Magic with Blast. Swiftness and Silence also adding a lot to final disposition

Low mana fight with no range attack. Since had Dragon quest, took a risk to use Drake of Arnak with armor boost and Water monsters still to have Magic hit.
Sneaker acted very well hitting back line and avoiding Silvershield Pallading magic reflect. All additional abilities of Ruler of the Seas did the job. Almost clean Victory with only Chicken lost...

Hope you have enjoyed!

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