Chorale on "Vom Himmel hoch" - Johann Pachelbel (Cover) | Sonic Groove Live Contest Week #10

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This is my entry for the Sonic Groove Live Contest Week #10.

I'm playing Chorale on "Vom Himmel hoch" by Johann Pachelbel. This score is available from fellow organist, @partitura's website:

"Vom Himmel hoch, da komm ich her" translates to English as "From Heaven Above to Earth I Come". This hymn text relates to the nativity (birth) of Jesus. @partitura is posting a few Advent items lately so I have jumped the liturgical season by diving straight into Christmas material. The chorale tune is in the bass and is accompanied by two melodious voices. I decided to register this piece on 8' pitch in the pedal and 4' Flutes in the manual. The upper voices just seemed too nimble to warrant any heavier registration.

I hope you enjoy this sparkly rendition of a Pachelbel work that isn't his Canon in D...

Yours truly,

I'm co-owner of witness untersatz with organduo!


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I like this flute registration.

We are all in love with 4' Flutes this week.

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Nice registration. I usually play this composition in full plenum. This light registration works very well as well.

I will try it on a full plenum next time :)

Thank you for your entry in Sonic Groove Live Week 10

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Excellent, congratulations!