Practicing "Flutes" from my Organ ABC

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As promised, here comes this new piece which I composed around lunchtime today. "Flutes" is dedicated to @partitura for participating in our Secrets of Organ Playing contest week after week. It can be played using Flute of 8' or 4' pitch levels. It consists entirely of one voice passage starting in D minor and moving through the different accidentals. Now @drugelis will have something to transcribe the fingering from. When she's done, I will make the score available.

In the first video I play very slowly and my hands are clearly visible. I use 8' flute registration. In the 2nd video, I play at the concert tempo with 4' flute registration. It took me 7 tries to record today and I chose the 3rd try from the end as it turned out to be the best.


Vidas and Ausra 2 MP 2.jpg

Check out my Secrets of Organ Playing books:

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Thanks for the dedication. I feel honoured! Now I want to play it as well, of course. Seems tricky though. Will probably take some time to practise. Let me know when it's available.

I like to transcibe 😉 I will do that soon

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I'm learning how to be a musician (don't ask me how long I've been learning!) and I just learned a ton from listening to your composition. I can't imagine being able to get this much together in a morning's work. Maybe my next step is to try my hand at composing, although I'll just stick to one key for now, none of this going through all the accidentals. I loved listening to it though, as always with your work.