You got talent!

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Yesterday in the morning I was thinking about the famous Biblical parable of talents and how it applies to artists. In this parable Jesus tells a story about a host who gave some talents (money) to 3 of his servants before going away. Two of the servants invested their talents and grew the resulting amount when the host came back. The third was so terrified of the host that he dug his talent in the earth and only had the same amount when his host came back. Of course the host was very happy with the first two and very angry with the third one who dug his talent.

Does it apply to artists? Do we have responsibility to develop and multiply our talents? I think so. But for some people it's so hard to accept this fact. I wish more people would share their gifts with the worlld.

If I can sing, I have to sing. If I can play, I have to play. If I can write or draw or teach or inspire people, I have to do all that. Because when the time comes to leave this earth, the worst thing probably would be to have regrets about all the things I wish I had done but didn't...

But what about people who THINK they don't have any talents? It's true that some of us have stronger artistic urges than others but everyone has a talent for something. It may be they haven't discovered it yet or haven't looked deeply enough.

I think this sense of modesty, especially for women should be disregarded. I know, society throughout history has laid many obstacles to women in their path to artistic freedom but it's up to us now to embrace our individuality and put aside social norms.

The first step to doing this is to go back to our roots, to our childhood and see what we were passionate about when we where 6 years old. The truth is, this passion hasn't gone away, it may have only been suppressed by the society.

Maybe today will be the day when we can feel like that child again?

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I agree with you!

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But I'm not very talanted...

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