March 25, 2020--Daily Practice in the time of the virus

Productive day, but not as much as I'd hoped. The day began with me waking up later than I had hoped--7:30. Had oatmeal for breakfast. Then got about an hour and a half of practice time before my online meeting with my music history and literature class--dealing with the final two movements of Beethoven's fifth. Made sure next quiz was uploaded and checked my Music Appreciation online class to see how many people had logged in. Surprisingly few. Went to school to do a few things in my office, and ended up being there for about 45 minutes as new things popped up. Sent out a note to my class to see if they were getting my emails and remind them to get started on their class work. Realized I had forgotten my score of BWV 624 and 625, so printed them off of the organduo website. Grabbed a couple books I needed for later today. Stuff like that. Was able to get in about one hour and fifteen minutes at the organ. Picked up pain medication for our older dog--he's got arthritis--and made a grocery run. We should be okay until Monday or Tuesday next week now. Came home and worked on my classes for forty-five minutes before I taught an online lesson to my 10 year old piano student. I then made a pot roast with brussel sprouts and continued to work on class stuff until dinner. After dinner, I finished up one more portion of a lecture, making that three for today. 5 more to go. And I'm calling it a night.....

On the organ, I worked on BWV 624 and 625 as these will be my preludes for the next two Sundays. I also practiced and did a dry run on the first movement of Mendelssohn's Sonata in B-flat major, first movement. Will post tomorrow.

On the piano, I worked on the accompaniment for Howard Goodall's The Lord is My Shepherd which will be the special music for Sunday. I recorded it so the singers will have something to practice with(See above). I also worked on the Op. 10 No. 2 Ballad of Brahms. Such an amazing piece!

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