My Long Overdue Project - AltQuest - A MultiCrypto Minecraft Server

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I'm BitcoinJake09,

A few years ago I came across a Minecraft server called "BitQuest"( and it caught my attention immediately!
It was a year or 2 after I had gotten into Bitcoin, and I ended up Buying Minecraft just to play on that server.

After playing on the server some and learning more about it, I found out it was open source!

I talked with the developer 1 on 1 and gave him some ideas, but essentially he said: "It's open source, do what you want"

Now me, I learned lots of computer stuff from 2005-2009(11 computer classes exactly) but most of which was java.
So, I was very eager to jump in!

I forked the original BitQuest code and started AltQuest(Still in progress after years)
After realizing how much it is for just 1 person to do as a hobby I put it aside for now :/

Since then, I have had LOTS code merged with BitQuest and feel VERY happy about that.

I also started my own Minecraft server EmeraldQuest( & but it currently doesnt involve any crypto, I mostly started this server to test my own stability running & upgrading it and actually test Minecraft plugin developments that I could later use on AltQuest.

I get my EmeraldQuest stats from here:

And EmeraldQuest had been running for over 1 year all self hosted out of pocket on my own machine.

I am upgrading the machine its hosted on soon, but I am also looking for further funding/donations to work on AltQuest.

AltQuest will be a MultiCrypto Economy Minecraft server, to start with I will plan to have BTC, LTC, DOGE, and keep Emeralds for people that dont want to use crypto.

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Check out, the code there might help you towards your goals.

Thanks for mentioning STEEM.CRAFT, @upfundme! =)

STEEM.CRAFT is still very early in the making process but since it is made with Skript, most of the code is almost in plain English and easily understandable and writable.

People can already save and load their worlds to and from the Steem Blockchain.

Be aware that having cryptocurrencies on the server is not allowed due to the Mojang EULA, which prohibits such currencies from being used.

If a crypto server would get popular, Mojang might kill the server very fast, which is why I suggest to not add any financial transactions to the server, like STEEM.CRAFT, where no financial transactions happen. (Sharing the active key would be way to scary anyways)

Support is also available on our Discord.

Also, I can give you access to a Minecraft server to test things out. I have some lifetime Minecraft servers sitting idle.. :) (if you need it) :3

i am planning on adding lots of cryptos including steem, but i need to start first.... and sadly my HDD running all my projects died the other day :,(

sounds interesting will keep an eye on this:)

Really cool idea!
This has me marvelling at how much and how fast the world is changing. Just think how our grandparents could possibly fathom what crypto minecraft is all about :D

my HDD running my projects died shortly after i posted this :,(

Bummer. I sent you my Steem balance to get started -- not much though :)

Good luck on getting your server funding.

and my HDD died. great. i will have it back up soon....