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New year is a good time for reflections.


We are already 2 weeks into this new year 2020. Did you do anything new?

For me, I did change something. For several years, I had not wore any warm clothes in winters except thermal innerwears. This year I changed that.

I went to a local social organization named Sukoon and expressed my wish to wear some warm clothes this winter. My friend there immediately gave me a used jacket and a cap to protect myself from cold weather.

Sukoon works to recycle used clothes along with other articles to give them an extended life. It helps in reducing the waste. The services of Sukoon is available to everyone without any charges. It operates on gift economy.

So on my first day wearing this jacket, I tried to take some selfies ...umm, not actually selfies but photographs of my reflections.

So here I'm posting my first photographs wearing a jacket. Co-incidentally, this is my first used cloth handed down to me from an unknown user.






Cheers to 2020 for a more sustainable lifestyle!

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New year happy, Good photo and place.

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