I was born for it🎂

in ocd •  21 days ago 


Seeing how far I have come makes me very happy. You know it shows that I was really born to make cakes.


I love to see how my work looks great. And I feel that something is wrong, because when I see my work I feel that I could sell more cakes.


I think there are several factors that influence not having many sales. I live in a place far from the city center and I think I need a little more publicity in my online store.


Whatever the factor that is influencing, I will fight to position my sales. Because I was born to make cakes and that makes me immensely happy.


By the way I want to congratulate @tarazkp and @galenkp for their birthday. I remember the great help I got from @galenkp


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Some nice looking cakes here. Nice work.

Thanks for the well-wishes, and all the best.

Thank you! I hope you are having a good birthday! A thousand blessings to you

Paso por aquí a darte mi apoyo!!

Muchas gracias! 💕

You sure were born for cakes. You are excellent at it. Have a great day Denisse.

Thank you dear wanda. Really so, making cakes makes my life happy