Inflation Basket 20200523

in neoxian •  7 days ago 

script + timer start

inflation basket


    2020/05/23 - 03:00:29pm

    Total execution time for script : 28.184997797012

    RC will be short but i still generate Witnesstracker and Trollhunter

    (fixed VND , the other api no longer listed it) should probably add HIVE ... ... added hive and hbd , same coingecko routine, gud :) (trollhunter has long since passed the 64kb limit to be posted on the steemchain ... well there's simply to many only-downvote and never post type of trolls - but i guess those were born under the guise of HF21 ... (good for the ecosystem))
    So they will be linked at :
    Witnesstracker : (for the time being) : HERE , or the short version HERE , ah, also here but thats not html , you need to come through here and click the button that says 'steemstuff' ... im developing that at 10 dollarcents a day so it might sometimes not yet look the part - if hive has the same thing as condenser i suppose i can do a hive-page too - ... purely informative ofcourse
    Trollhunter : i still might but :

    Even if steem is going anywhere its not gonna go anywhere soon. If you like this fabulous supermini-isolated social network and its ways then maybe this account is more for you than it still is for me.

    I wouldn't bother but it has 136 SBI shares, hence ... (if even anyone reacts or trusts it) i would let it go for 150 steem + whatever sp remains at the time of selling

    there is no third-party service to broker this , so it will have to be on trust , im not gonna advertise it, and i'll just add this to the one post a week it still makes


    i'll be powering down in the meantime , apologies to the delegatees there @updooter mostly but i dont see the point in keeping this, steem at 15 cents and the posts like 1 or max 2 steem per week and some sbd promilles ...

    time/effort reward ...

    maybe someone who is more 'engaged' in this niche can do more with it

    thats all .. leave some reply or something

    i can make do with the accounts revolving around the game and i got plenty to do anyway ...

    so ... that's about it

    i'll check the replies once a week, no rush and if no one bites then so be it
    owh ... since the fork i have two of these ... so if i dont want to maintain one b/c its not worth the effort/reward time it somewhat stands to reason that i dont want to maintain the second on top of not maintaining the first, hence ... i have one with 136 SBI shares on HIVE ... if you buy this one, ill give the HIVE one on top for free since that cost me nothing anyway ... should be a sweet deal for daily posters ... just stuck with the accountname b/c that cant be altered ... it's an open invitation. Im not a haggler.

    people make their own choices, im not a judge of anything but whats useful to me or not

    updates will be "on-site" as well i guess

    the layout ? its a freestyle dafuk you want for free?any questions ? the price is NOT the promise of tomorrow anymore but half up front or find someone else

    pushed in your face with Sat May 23 13:00:29 UTC 2020

    AntiFaHasher7d110a2e7a1bbad0e8b6eac29e9e4455d8020fcc0aed288776dfb3b4d2734d084dbe18202dc80c2d5ef23ef47499da0f39b522468a24df6dbaae0d6c4a6ab640f4b87aa44afa37a3ee75f1a5546d060ce269dd0d908d2ca6a63fd4b8990e63d2be1ff3816808c9f7b325f0157f22d065a1e851339a2a1cc94436e0dea961239b7d110a2e7a1bbad0e8b6eac29e9e4455d8020fcc0aed288776dfb3b4d2734d084dbe18202dc80c2d5ef23ef47499da0f39b522468a24df6dbaae0d6c4a6ab640f4b87aa44afa37a3ee75f1a5546d060ce269dd0d908d2ca6a63fd4b8990e63d2be1ff3816808c9f7b325f0157f22d065a1e851339a2a1cc94436e0dea961239b #ctp #steemleo #palnet #crypto #neoxian
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