Love is Blind Episode 1 Recap and Thoughts

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Bwar recaps Love is Blind Episode 1. This is a new show from Netflix using the premise of people falling in love without ever seeing each other. I wasn't sure what to expect heading into the first episode and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised. Love is Blind very much impressed me and I'm excited to watch the rest of the season.

Episode 1 primarily focus on three couples. My favorite couple by far was Cameron and Lauren. The pair had an instant connection which resulted in Cameron proposing on day 4. I can't wait to see the moment when they see each other for the first time next episode.

Next we had a bit of a love triangle between Jessica, Barnett and Mark. Mark and Jessica had an instant connection with one hang up, the ten year age gap. Barnett and Jessica started off slow but ending up connecting more with each passing day. We end up with Jessica telling Barnett she will do whatever she has to for the relationship. I really liked Mark and Jessica so I was a bit heart broken.

Lastly we started to see the budding relationship of Diamond and Carlton. I must admit I'm not a fan of Carlton, he came across very sleazy and arrogant to me and I often felt a bit creeped out when he was on the screen.

Really excited to see more relationships and just exactly where this show is headed. I have no idea if we see the current relationships all the way to the end or jump back to the start to see new relationships form. Either way, I'm excited!

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