Steem OG Day 20 - Flowering - Small Video included

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Day 20 - Steem OG

Today is the 20th day that I have had Steem OG on the 12/12 schedule for the flower and produce them sticky buds. I am starting to see more pre Flower every day that I look at them to give them a feeding or to just check up on them for off water days.

Today I have decided to take a small video of my 2x4, You can see that it is growing nicely and I am hoping that it will stop stretching any day now.

In this video I also show off the 3 seedsman big nug fast plants I have going that are flowering as well, These are also 20 days in flower with some nice pre buds coming out. I am hoping in the next week we end up getting to see some nice buds start to form.

Please hit that upvote button and follow for some more cannabis grows and reviews.

Thanks for coming and checking out my #cannabis post, I am going to make reviews and grow logs to help Pay for more grow equipment. I have set out a goal of 600 steem to help go towards a grow light.

The reason behind this idea is to show the rest of the cannabis space that I can make reviews and grow logs and help pay for the future grows.

@ 0.0044 of 0.0102 BTC Goal - If you would like to help out please send steem to this account and reason in the memo and I will be sure to mention and give you upvotes.


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The plants look fantastic! You must have green fingers 😁

Thanks, I can wait what the next couple weeks bring that's for sure