Introduction To Weedcash & Steem - Part 3 - Making A post With Markdown and HTML

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In this part 3 of the introduction to weedcash I go on to talk about making a post and some of the very useful comments to make your post look much better to earn some well-wanted upvotes from the steem community.

I do forget to show about the tags so I will be making a small video to show the tags but I will be posting what are some useful tags to use to help your post be seen by people.

The first tag you will want to use for tour cannabis content is #cannabis than I like to use #weedcash #growlog #photography and as you get to know more and more about weedcash and steem you will learn more about tokens and how some tags can earn you other tokens.








div class="pull-left" /div
div class="pull-right" /div


groupgroup 2group 3

You will need to put your own <> brackets in

Places Video was Uploaded to -



Please hit that upvote button and follow for some more cannabis grows and reviews.

Thanks for coming and checking out my #cannabis post, I am going to make reviews and grow logs to help Pay for more grow equipment. I have set out a goal of 600 steem to help go towards a grow light.

The reason behind this idea is to show the rest of the cannabis space that I can make reviews and grow logs and help pay for the future grows.

@ 0.0056 of 0.0102 BTC Goal - If you would like to help out please send steem to this account and reason in the memo and I will be sure to mention and give you upvotes.


^Mine Bitcoin With the browser open In background On any computer.


^Play the Best Blockchain-Based Game

^ Join the best Cannabis Social Site Around

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