ADDAX Game Round 3 Update - Hive Launch & Bonus - Day 4 of 28

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Update for Day 4.

Here are the basic figures:

Capital Fund: 447 STEEM
Current Fund: 456 STEEM
Profit: +9 STEEM
Profit %: 2.01%
TULIP Tokens: 7,010
Current ABV: 6.50 STEEM cents

Buybacks: 0.00 STEEM
Buyback %: 0.0 %
Tokens Bought: 0

OK, that's the basics over with, let's get down to the complicated stuff.

As mentioned before, ADDAX will not be duplicated on Hive. Instead, we shall wait to see how many assets will appear on Hive and, at some point, add them to our ADDAX game on Steem.

I can see our HIVE tokens on Hive and it will take some time to release them. It requires an undelegation and then a power-down, all of which take time. The delegation commands seem to have a bug and don't work as of writing but hopefully will be fixed soon.

Those assets currently within Steem-Engine will also need to wait to see whether they will appear on a new "Hive-Engine". Some of them, such as steemCITY, definitely will not!

Also, I need to add that those assets in Hive correspond to the assets in Steem, all of which are part of the original starting capital. As I stated in the first post, that starting capital is used to increase this game's income but belongs to ADDAX admin from previous games. Hence, my solution to distribute some of those Hive assets simplifies the mathematics, avoids waiting too long and is also being generous.

Given the above, a one-off addition to this ADDAX income will be made at some point but the timing is as yet unknown. I also need to see that the HIVE token has a real market price and then compare it to the STEEM price at that time.

Thanks for playing the ADDAX Game!

PS A copy of this will also be posted on

Disclaimer. We are not responsible for your actions. We are not responsible for the functioning of third party software. If the game needs to terminate early for any technical reason (HF21 springs to mind) then liquid funds will be distributed at the earliest possible opportunity on a pro rata basis or the game paused and restarted. Do not play with funds you cannot afford to lose.

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ROUND 3 STARTS Tue 17 March - please read details on this post.
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