[Steem talk] Understanding Crypto Trading - Episode 11(story telling session)

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The BUY AT THE TOP guy story

Do you remember I shared with you of a friend of mine that purchased BTC at 15k, but due to unavailability, the order has to wait? The local dealer does not hook him up with a trade until it was 17k(the dealler probably scammed him 2k bought at 15k and sold to him at 17k later). And there's this person, we call him the "I told you so" guy, and he always grinding every crypto investors saying it's going to crash! So, that "I told you so" guy was shouting infront of that friend saying it's going to crash. Look it's going at crash at 18k. It didn't happen, he shouted again it's going to crash at 19k! Quickly, get it off your hand before it explode. So, the "15k become 17k BTC" guy really feel the urgency and decided "OK mang! I will throw my BTC away when it hit 20k! I promised!". And sadly, that day never come, atleast for the past 2 years it hasn't come any closer to 17k anymore. The "I told you so" guy came and ask the "15k become 17k BTC" guy when BTC was at 4k after slightly recovered from 3k in end of 2018, "How much do you intend to sell?". The "15k become 17k BTC" guy said, I would have cut the loss at 8500, atleast take back half of the invested money and call it a day. Since 2019, BTC touches 8.5k several times, there's even one point at 12k. Did the "15k become 17k BTC" guy honor his word? We will come back to this story again later at the summary.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Here's the other side of the story, where a guy whom always like to shout the wolves are coming! When BTC was 100, he cries it's going to fall. When BTC hit 1000, again he was there cried even louder. It's like every 1k advanced on BTC value, he's there to cried BTC is going to fall. In the end, finally there's one time BTC almost hit 20k, he did warned his buddy so many times to liquidate their assets, but there's very little convincing power because:

  1. The boy didn't even own any BTC at any point of time when he cried BTC is going to fall
  2. Just BTC has proven it's power, so many times it stands its ground. It became a religion then financial instrument.
  3. Imagine, every 100 advance the boy cried until 1k. And then every 1k advanced, the boy cried even louder. By the time it hit 19k, it already too loud, all the frieds turned against him.
    Fortunately, this is not wolves of wall street. There's no real wolf either. It's just the boy who isn't tell lie, but he's just too spread too much FUD, and create too much noise to the believer. In the end, the "advice" become a negative suggestion. Because everytime the boy say BTC is going to fall, BTC rise higher.

Moral of the story

You see, the "15k become 17k BTC" guy is my friend, and I'm "The boy who cried wolf". Luckily the there's no wolf came and eat me alive. I'm just becoming a very annoying little rascal that always shouting at people whom invest into crypto saying the sky is going to fall. And in the end, everytime I'm wrong. Occasionally, when I got it right(there's only one time I got it right so far, which is BTC didn't hit 20k), I became the "See?! I told you so!". Very annoying person. My intention was never meant to tell lie, but I just couldn't see how people value their assets, especially crypto is an intangible asset which solely based on TRUST. Imagine, how much TRUST really worth nowadays?

Take home

Therefore, I decided I don't want to be the TOP GUY - the person whom buy at the top and get stuck. Neither am I going to be the guy whom cried wolves is coming for 10 thousand times. There may be one day someone really believe me, sold their BTC at 3k and the next day BTC hit 20k, they'll come and shoot me with their machine gun. So I started to trade like an averaging investor whom always do the opposite investment. When everybody buys, I find it unacceptable, then I will trade against the majority. Over the past few years, I have some small success which I can't tell whether it's a real success story, but I can now trade without stress. I don't even wanna know the price is going UP or DOWN. All I care is, I wanted some extra crypto whenever the market move in whichever direction. I wanna be the real "middleman". Therefore I started to share this method to those who read my lengthy posts.


All these are done, whilst I was not around. And whilst preparing this post, something happened. My wallet suddenly came up with extra 22HIVE.


On our previous episode, I'm left with 20HIVE and 90HBD

Today episode, I have 100HIVE and still have 60HBD in trade


You do the numbers and tell me. This was covered in previous episodes, if you're not taking money out of the system, forget about the dollar. Take the dollar out of the equation.

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Therefore, I decided I don't want to be the TOP GUY - the person whom buy at the top and get stuck.

There will always be a guy who buys at the pick of a pump and regrets it. The simple pump and dump is often related to traders but for that of hive, it was visible it was because of the airdrop from huobi

Frankly, I didn't know what I bought. I have all the orders all over the place. I only know, within few hours, I'm suddenly blessed with 100hives and 50hbd in total. Guess what, I have reloaded everything back to the market.

It is very interesting your content and more enbesta area, already with the situation at the level of the digital economy struggles to maintain its digital assets and stimulate more investors

Correct. So, we trade internally to obtain more assets


And when I wake up


I have more token 😂

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