Vegetable caviar (delicious) !!!

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I ate caviar from vegetables, I decided to share some interesting facts about it!


Should I mention that for 10 jars of ajvar, halve the quantities given? And for 40 jars to multiply everything by two? Just in case, because geometry has never been a stronger side of me anyway ...

Wash the peppers well, separate the ones that are softer, bruised, black and all in all, those that are not for ajvar and yet can be cut and cut into pieces and put in the freezer. Lay them on a clean tablecloth to dry and wipe them a little more with a clean cotton cloth. My grandmother used to get that from the faucet to smederevac, and so ...

Bake peppers as you already bake them, on a "smederevac", on a stove, in the oven, on a baking dish, and place them immediately in bins that can be closed properly. Allow the roasted peppers to cook well and cool completely.

And then the part I hate the most - pepper cleansing. Uh!

Do not throw in the liquid that the peppers have allowed to cool, but leave them to rinse the peppers and wash their fingers. Do not rinse peppers in bowls of water or, far, under the tap, but only use this liquid for this purpose. That way, the flavor of ajvar will not dilute and will be even more intense.

Peel carefully peel off the husks and seeds. Then, rip them with your hands into strips and leave them in the drawer to drain. Some peppers, as soon as they are cleaned, are put in those netting bags, hung over, allowing the peppers to drain overnight. I'm sorry again that all the juice comes out of them, I'd rather cook ajvar longer than pepper my soul and then cook them half an hour shorter!

Leave the peppers to boil for a couple of hours, possibly overnight, it would be best in some cool, busy place.

And then the best part - cooking!

This is a pretty serious amount of peppers, so unless you have an earlier one - the cauldron, as I do not have one - I only have a 20 l sherpin (which my mom gave me for my first glory and still filled it with my famous winter sarma, cooked of course, and otherwise it is used for cooking sweet, jam, ajvar a bome and celebrity sarmi), then I divide the obtained baked peppers in half, and cook two rounds of ajvar!

So put the chopped peppers in a pan, pour half a liter of oil and start cooking gently. Initially, you won't have to mix constantly, but as cooking goes on, you'll have to take extra care to keep it warm. Add the finely chopped garlic about halfway through the cooking. Add the rest of the oil slowly to the ajvar while cooking, little by little. It may happen that 2 liters of oil is enough, and sometimes I add another half liter, all to taste, but still I do not like ajvar to swim in fat. When the trace of the boiler begins to remain on the bottom of the pan, the ajvar is almost cooked. Add salt and pepper to taste and finally mix in vinegar. Cook everything for another ten minutes and immediately pour boiling ajvar into hot, sterilized jars. Close them tightly with sterilized lids, then roll them into blankets or put them all in a warm, turned off oven (if it can fit;)) and allow the ajvar to cool slightly. My mom closes the jars as soon as she closes them, leaving them to cool down, keeping them safe all winter long, so I recognize her jars immediately!

If you like angry ajvar then add the hot roasted peppers and pepper pepper along with the peppers, along with the peppers. I start with one pound, so I add a little bit more to my taste during cooking, so until we quarrel whether it's' angry enough 'or' not angry enough.

One more note: it depends on the quality of the peppers you buy and how much ajvar you get. I always buy 60 kg of peppers, but sometimes I throw away more, sometimes less, so sometimes there will be 18 jars of avar and sometimes almost 21. If you want to get more avar with this amount, pack it in smaller jars :)

And classic ajvar is made in exactly the same way, except that peppers are ground and ground into a meat grinder, most preferably a manual, metallic, heavy one, made in Czechoslovakia (as Damira put it nicely in a recipe ), one grind to a "big grate", under no point does it grind in blenders and other scalameria that only makes porridge from peppers, this is not your baby food!

Store cooled jars in a dry, cool and dark place. Who can resist, it does not touch it until the first frosts, but one has not yet been born in our house!






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