Buzzin, Up And Down, In And Out!!! - Blockchain Coffee “Rollar Coaster”

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Blockchain Coffee Now = Ask Me Anything

Drop your #freewrite link in the comments with a question for votes & mention in my next post ❤️ plus up to 50% beneficiary if your post and question have wow factor 👍


Pungent aroma and sticky fingers, nothing beats these sensations.


Here. Doing what I wanna do.


Excitement unbridled in preparation for a ride.


Time standing still each step of the process becoming tedious.


Focus on one thing, the destination. All else disappears, a haze engulfs peripheral vision.


Worry melts away as time becomes nonexistent.


Till that moment we have to come back down 😎


I like my weed as if it were a Rollar Coaster....


Buzzin, Up And Down, In And Out!!!

Can't Get High If You Never Come Down 🤔

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My steem upvote just got much bigger since I had called in all my delegations lol

I know right, same here! I am not sure I will be delegating much out in the future but please know its not because of anything other then my own greed 😅 I was giving for 2 years now I need to pay some bills to level up my creations 😉

to tell you the truth - I am not sure what I am going to do. Right now, I don't feel either of the platforms. I think there has been a lot of lies and lots of manipulation going on and nothing has changed on Hive. The rich still get to control everything and the witnesses made sure that they are part of the rich...
I have been playing on Uptrennd and am going to send you a referral link via discord.

Yea I ended up signing on under your link on a post actually 😅

Not sure what I am doing thus I shifted focus on a central point... my own damb webpage lol

I think many are going that way - I know that ntowl is working on one for the Freewriters...

Yea... my own thing time 😅 likely to see it flood over into everything else I do but its time for some self-empowerment especially with everything the world is faced with!

Thanks for stopping in my friend 😁